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No there isn't.

Champions League is officially licensed by Konami's PES 2011/2011.

That's why EA Sports can't take the license, since it would be a breach of contract agreements.

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EA Sports hasn't had the rights to UEFA's Champions League, it would have copyright issues. PES has previously owned the rights to Champions League, but as far as I know EA Sports have bought the rights and will feature Champs League in FIFA 12.

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Yes but it is very hard. complete all leagues including the international league. then score 20 times without stopping then you get the champoins league.

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yes there is champions league

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Q: Why can't you play champions league on FIFA 11?
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How do you get champions leagu e on pes 08?

You cant actually get the Champions League in PES 08 but the best you can do is play the inernational league and put the teams that you want in the league. You can also rename the International League into the UEFA Champions League

How do you unlock champions league in fifa 11?

You must play a season on Manager mode and qualify first. whitlock.

What will happens of arsenal lose there champions league play off?

A team has to WIN the Champions league play-off to qualify for the CL. If arsenal lose, then they dont get to play in the Champions League.

Can you play in the euro league in FIFA 12?

The Europa league is not in FIFa 12

How are teams eligible to play in the Fifa World Club Championship?

They have to win or come runner up in certain club tornaments worldwide. European Clubs are the two finalists from the UEFA Champions League Australasian Clubs are from the final of the Asian Champions League American and Carribean Clubs are from the final of the CONCACAF Champions League African Clubs are from the final of the CAF Champions League Hope this helps SixThirty

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play for in pro soccer?

Cristiano Ronaldo currently plays his club football for Manchester United FC. They are the 2007/2008 Premier League Champions, UEFA Champions League winners, and FIFA World Club Champions.

Can frank lampart play champions league whilst on loan to man city?

Ofcourse he can play in the champions league. Loanees are allowed to play in the champions league. The only restriction is that they shouldnt have represented another team in the same year.

Why some players cant play in the champions league?

Some can not, as they were club tied. In other words they played for one club in the champion league , and were transfered in the January window.

Will Chelsea play in champions league play off?

No, Chelsea wont play the play off. They finished second therefore they get direct qualification to this year's Champions League.

Did everton play in the champions league 2005?

they had finished fourth in the 2004-05 season......and that is the same season when Liverpool finished 5th in the premier league but on the other hand the Champions league was also won by Liverpool after the finals it was decided that the champions league holder has to play in the champions league on a mandatory basis and thus liver pool were part of the 2005-2006 champions league..... Everton on the other hand after finishing fourth had a chance to play in the champions league, but at that time of the decade the rule said that the teams finishing third and fourth in the league has to go through a qualifying round, and thus Everton did not beat the team which was pitted against it and thus did not play in the champions league.......

Does winning the champions league automatically qualify a team for the Champions League?

yes it does.the team will go for play off.

Will Torres play champions league this season for Chelsea?

Yes he can as he did not play for Liverpool this year in the champion league.