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No, they should not be playing sports fi they do not have passing grades. Sports is an extra curricular activity that is played when you have extra time. Students should always be doing their homework before playing sports.

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because the they have idiots with low grades and retards on their team

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Q: Why can't student play sports if they fail?
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Some people fail at sports may be, because some people are unhealthy or fat, and cant really play sports. Sport is also a hard thing to have the skills for so it, if they aren't good at it could be because some people never play sports at all. And if these people want to improve they should practice more, practicing a sport you are bound to get better.

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Eligibility to play high school sports is not based on individual grades, but rather than your GPA. You can fail a class and still play high schools sports, only if your GPA is about a 2.0. Anything lower than a 2.0 and you become ineligible to play a high school sport.

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