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Q: Why bulls head is name is bulls head?
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What are the nine main types of bulls based on the neck and head?

All bulls have the same structural characteristics if you're only going by the neck and head as descriptors for discerning nine types of bulls. As such, the question is of no merit.

What is the name of the Chicago Bulls?

Beside the Chicago Bulls they are called THE BULLS as well.

What are the name of all the characters on toystory?

Woody , Buzz Light year , Slinky , Mr Potato Head , Mrs Potato Head , Jessie , Bulls eye , Stinky Pete The Prospector ,

How did the Chicago bulls get there name?

the name Chicago bulls got there name after great stockyards located in Chicago

Did Chicago Bulls change their name?

No they didn't change their name. They are still called the Chicago Bulls.

Who is the head coach for the Chicago bulls?

Tom Thibodeau

Who is the head coach of Chicago Bulls?

Tom Thibedeux

Who is the head coach of the chicago bulls?

tom thibodeau

Origin of bulls head in bridgeport ct?

The building that was on the corner of Madison Ave. & another street whose name I can't remember had a very sharp corner and, towards the roof, had a sculpted bull's head on it.

What year was Kevin Loughery head coach of the Chicago Bulls?

Loughery was head coach of the Bulls for two seasons ... 1983-84 and 1984-85. His two year record with the team was 65-99.

Who is the Chicago Bulls head coach?

Vinny Del Negro

What is the full name of the South African rugby team the bulls?

The South African rugby team known as the bulls was founded in 1938. The full name of this team is the Vodacom Blue Bulls.

What the value of your bulls head bank 3 dollar bill 1864?

The value of a bulls head 3 dollar bill from 1864 will depend on the condition. A bill is fair to good condition is worth an estimated $50.00 US dollars.

What was the previous name of the chasing bull?

The running of the bulls takes place each year in Pamplona, where people run from bulls that have been released. There is no previous name for this event, it has always been called the running of the bulls.

How did the New York Red Bulls get their name?

The New York Red Bulls got their name by being acquired by the Red Bull GmbH in 2006. You can learn more about the New York Red Bulls at the Wikipedia.

What actors and actresses appeared in Inside Bulls Hockey - 1999?

The cast of Inside Bulls Hockey - 1999 includes: Dennis Desrosiers as Himself - Head Coach

Which former Chicago Bulls starter went on to coach the Utah Jazz?

Jerry Sloan enjoyed a fairly successful career as a player with the Chicago Bulls. He then coached the Bulls before becoming the head coach of the Utah Jazz in 1987.

What is the name of Bill Sykes dog in Oliver Twist?

the name of the dog that bill Sykes owns is called bulls eye and he is a terrie

What is the value of a 1864 bulls head bank 3 dollar bill?


Who was the original Chicago Bulls head coach?

Red Kerr (1966-1968)

Where did the name EL heat jersey come from mean?

It was spanish day. If you saw the Heat's last game against the bulls, the bulls jerseys said los bulls.

What is a scientific name for bulls?


What is the name of the stadium where the Chicago Bulls play basketball?

The Chicago Bulls play their basketball games at the United Stadium.

What is the first name of the Chicago Bulls mascot?

The Chicago Bulls mascot is named Benny the Bull.

What is the best weapon to kill a rag head and 3 pit bulls?

Anything you can get your hands on.