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Although, several Black players played Major League Baseball in the early days, it was an unwritten rule against Black players in MLB until 1942 when the Brooklyn Dodgers signed and played Jackie Robinson, which opened the door for Blacks in the Majors.

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Q: Why blacks couldn't play baseball?
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Jackie Robinson was the first black person to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Why did they not want Jackie Robinson in the Major League Baseball?

Jackie Robinson was an African American, and at that time Blacks were not allowed to play in the MLB.

Who was inspired to play baseball after Jackie Robinson died?

Many African American baseball players who even play in the MLB today, are inspired by Jackie Robinson because he broke the race barrier in baseball. Before him blacks weren't respected and had their own baseball league and full african american only teams.

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Jackie Robinson was the first since Fleetwood Walker did so in 1884. Walker's success led to an unofficial ban on blacks in baseball.

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