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Most likely, it is the same reason all field sports are played on grass (football, Baseball, soccer, etc), it provides a flat, soft, smooth surface to help avoid unnecessary cuts and bruises while not diminishing the game at all.

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Q: Why baseball fields grass?
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Why are baseball fields clay and grass?

they're actually dirt and grass and the dirt makes it easier to slide while the grass is well just there.

Are there any Major League Baseball fields that have synthetic grass?

Yes, there are currently two major league fields that still use artificial grass: Tropicana Field and Roger's Centre.

Why do farmers roll grass fields?

they roll grass fields so that tillering can happen which is so that the grass spreads out and it encourages more to grow.

What is the function of Bermuda grass?

Bermuda grass is used mainly in sports areas, such as baseball fields or golf courses. It is also used to feed cattle and other animals.

What is a baseball field made out of?

GrassThe standard baseball field consists of sod and dirt. It is a fairly simple mixture. Nearly all fields are created the same with a few exceptions. These exceptions include dirt to grass ratio, dirt color, grass color, and even the pattern of the dirt.

Where are horse's habitats?

Usually flat grass fields full of grass

What is green and covers lawns and fields?

"Grass" is green and covers lawns and fields.

Do grass snakes live in jungles?

not really grass snake live in fields of grass or even wheat

What are football fields made of?


What do fields look like?


What is Scandinavia's landscapes?

fields of grass with rocks

What is sheep main food?

grass basically, and all the other stuff you get mixed in with grass in fields

Is grass bad for the environment?

It depends what you mean by grass. The drug grass. I don't know. But the common green grass, like on football fields. No, no it's not. In fact, the more grass the better!

What does grows in fields and cows like to eat it?


Where can you find praying mantises?

In high grass or fields.

Where do praying mantis's live?

in fields with tall grass

Where do cows graze?

Pastures, fields anywhere there is grass

Why do goats like to eat grass in fields?

As they are herbivores

How do they spray paint grass on football fields?

i think they just get spray paint and spray it on the grass...hehe.....

Where can cattle eat grass that is suitable for them?

Wherever grass grows, whether it be on lawns or in fields, anywhere that grass grows often cattle will find them and eat the grass in those areas.

Do all football fields use artificial grass?

No some football fields use natural grass. Most football stadiums are switching to artificial turf because it is cheaper and easier to maintain.

How many NFL fields are still real grass?


Why is Puerto Rico's favorite sport baseball?

I think baseball is there favorite sport because a lot of families don't live close to places where there are basketball courts and football fields most of puerto rico is grass land and dirt perfect to play baseball or football.

Is She wanted to be a blade of grass amid the fields a simile?

No, it's a metaphor, with a more exotic sense than a simile. "She wanted to be like a blade of grass amid the fields" is a simile.

Why does a baseball infield have grass and softball infield have clay?

Clay or GrassJust a guess, but softball fields are usually owned or maintained by municipalities with small budgets. Clay requires less maintenance than the manicuring necessary for infield grass. Clay is just plain cheaper than grass.No, It's because in baseball the ball comes off the bat faster, so they have grass so they can slow it down. In, softball the ball doesn't come off the bat as fast so they don't need the grass to slow the ball down.