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Because because (lifted from William Shatner, guest at a college course of mine, explaining life. Just when I thought William Shatner as guest was cool enough.)

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โˆ™ 2013-07-16 06:55:39
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Q: Why baseball better than cricket?
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What is better golf or cricket?

golf is better than cricket

Which is better cricket or baseball?

it depends on what country you live in. Americans like baseball but loads of british and australians like cricket. Its your decision if you like baseball then you like baseball but if you prefer cricket then you like cricket more than baseball. OFcourse cricket 2nd most wanted game in the world after football.

Is new zealand better than Australia at cricket?

is new zealand better than australia at cricket

Is cricket a better phone company than boost mobile?

In my opinion, yes, cricket is better than boost mobile. It has better services and bonuses than boost mobile. Cricket has a better name too in my opinion.

Are cricket phones better than boost mobile phones?

I Believe That Cricket Is Better! But Yuh May Think Dat Boost Is Better But Cricket Is Better If U Cheap.. And Boost Cost More.

How cricket is better than football?

No goals

Group discussion on 20 -20 cricket match is better than 50-50 cricket match?

is t20 match is better than 50-50 match

Is a Krakatoa cricket bat better than a buffalo cricket bat?

a Krakatoa cricket bat is the best childrens cricket bat of all time

Are Cricket stadiums more bigger than baseball stadiums?

no way if you go to a cricket staduim its a little bit smaller then a baseball staduim

Is cricket like lacrosse?

Not even close. Cricket is more like baseball than anything else.

Is 20-twenty cricket better than test?

no way

Can you play baseball with a cricket bat?

You can play baseball with a cricket bat but it would be hard to swing, since cricket bats are heavier than baseball bats. If the bat isn't strong enough, there is a chance that it might break. Playing cricket with a baseball would be a lot easier, but you should stick to the bats of the sport.

Is a Softball harder than a Cricket ball?

A cricket ball is much harder then a softbal and a baseball

Is cricket is better than basketball?

Yes, because cricket is more challenging i am a stupid donkey.

Is Verizon better than cricket?

Verizon is a bit better with better options of phones and a little bit better service but with better choice comes a higher price, so if your on a budget and just need a phone go with cricket

What was invented first cricket or baseball?

by far cricket. baseball actually desended off of cricket

Do they play cricket in South Korea?

NO. US-Style Baseball is far more popular than Cricket.

Is better rugby or cricket?


What is better cricket or tennis?


Is cricket more dangerous than baseball?

Cricket is far more dangerous than baseball because in cricket you have a ball that is just as hard as a rock coming at the body at up to 100 mph and even though most body parts are protected some aren't whereas in baseball the balls are softer and to get hit it has to be a wild pitch

Who is great sachin and dhoni?

is dhoni is better than sachin in India cricket

Is hockey better than cricket?

Hockey is obviously superior to cricket. Hockey is about manly stuff while cricket is just plain gay and is anus. Suck it midget boy

Is football better sport than cricket?

No one can really answer that because They have there own rights to which sport they think is better

How can you get a better cricket wireless signal?


Is cricket is better then soccer?

It is alot less popular in the ways that there are more soccer players and there is more soccer fans than cricket also.