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It was made there the bladders.

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Q: Why balls are made in jalandhar for FIFA World Cup?
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Why jalandhar is manufacturer of ball for world cup football for Adidas?

It is made in Jalandhar for Adidas.

Why jalandhar is manufacturer of ball for world cup football?

It is made there for Adidas.

Was there World Cups before FIFA?

No because the world cup was made by FIFA

How many times has Jamaica made it to the FIFA world cup?

1 time, they made it to the fifa 1998 world cup, after that well.. :'(

What team made their first appearance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Bosnia and Herzegovina made their debut at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

How many balls are made for a World Cup game?

About 20 balls or more are made for a World Cup game.

Will Honduras be in FIFA 2012 game?

Yes, they should be as they made the 2010 world they should be on 2012 and 2013...then 2014 fifa (every world team should be one it) then for Fifa 2015 then the teams that made the world cup 2014 BRASIL will be one it.

What is a cup made from?

The FIFA World Cup trophy is made of gold.

What team do you want to win the FIFA World Cup?

I want MEXICO to win the FIFA world cup!MEXICO RULES.I was made in MEXICO.

How many tennis balls are made wide world?

There are about 300 million tennis balls manufactured in the world each year. Tennis balls are not usually recycled and the rubber they are made from doesn't break down easily.

Why was the FIFA World Cup created?

In 1928 FIFA made the decision to stage their own international tournament outside the olympics

Is turkey in FIFA World Cup?

Turkey have not made it this year.

What is the FIFA World Cup trophy made of?

Solid Gold

What country makes the FIFA World Cup?

The f.i.F.A world cup is made in India.

Has Togo ever been in the FIFA World Cup?

Togo made their debut appearance in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. They have never qualified for any subsequent World Cups since.

What was the closest Portugal made it in the World Cup?

Third place in 1966 FIFA World Cup.

Has the Philippines ever been in the fifa world cup?

No they have not made it yet.

Is FIFA World Cup sustainable?

Yes it is made of solid gold.

What was the french mans name that first made the world cup trophy?

Abel Lafleur designed and made the FIFA World Cup Trophy

What material is inside FIFA World Cup made of?

The original 1 is made of 18 carat gold.

How many times have New Zealand been in the FIFA World Cup?

The only FIFA World Cup that the New Zealand national football team participated in was 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain. However, New Zealand has qualified for and the world cup in 2010 also in the 2010 world cup they almost made it in the round of 16 they would have made it if they won against paraguy. in the 2010 world cup new zealand is the only team who are undeafeted.

How many times has Guatemala gone to the world cup?

They have never made to a FIFA world cup before.

Will Bangladesh be included in the fifa world cup 2010 game?

No they have not made it as yet.

How heavy is the FIFA World Cup?

As it is made of God it is very heavy indeed.

What teams made it to the finals in the 2010 fifa world cup?

Spain and holland