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Your getting old.

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Q: Why are your breasts sore you are an older women they have been sore around the nipples and breast area for about 1 week now.?
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What does it mean if you have small nipples?

Somebody told me that if you have small nipples when you are younger the chances are that you will have larger breasts when you are older and your nipples will too enlarge

Why are girls breasts pink?

just the nipple is. so when they get older; they can breast feed if they have children

How do you increase the size of breasts?

there is no way unless u get a breast transplant if 18 or older

Will breast sag if do not wear bra regularly?

Breasts will sag regardless as you get older. The bras are not changing the breasts, they just keep them in place.

What makes older women's breasts get so fat?

Older women's breasts do not get "fat" as much as it would seem. Instead, decreasing hormones affect connective tissue, making breasts sag more. A history of childbirth, breast-feeding, and gravity also pull the breasts downward. ALL females and even males face sagging breasts as they age! As well, fibrous breast tissue feels more dense; almost all women develop some fibrous breast tissue, especially after pregnancy and childbirth.

What is deep and comforting?

1. Older children and parents. A young child can share a chair with an older child or parent, and feel comfortable in no time.2. Breasts and nipples of parents and older children. Nothing feels more comforting to a young child than nursing on or playing with the breasts and nipples of an older child or parent.3. Older children and parents singing: Nothing sounds more comforting and soothing to young children than older children and parents singing.4. Playing together: Older children and parents licking, and singing while tapping younger children's nipples to the rhythm of their music. Younger children licking, nursing, nad tapping their fingers on on older children's and parents' nipples inanswer.David Wesson.

When does a girl have breasts?

girl's breast will grow at 10 years old or older and sometimes when you are younger like some girls who grow fast

Do younger children perform better than older children?

Try this:1.. Use your breasts and nipples to breastfeed and play with a younger child.2. Use your nreasts and nipples to play with and breastfeed an older child.(Hint To You): To get your children to play, you must give them their fill of your cream, tap their nipples with your fingertips, and wiggle your nipples in their underarns, on their chest, and on their nipples.If the younger child likes your cream and play, he/she will:Drink his/her fill of your delicious cream,Tap his.her fingers on your nipples in answer.Wiggle his.her nipples in your underarms, and against against your nipples in answer.The older child must ffollow the same nursing and playing directions. Whichever child does the least amount of them, or refuses to nurse and play, doesn't win.David Wesson :)

If you have a large aroal during breast developCan it get smaller when you get older?

Maybe, but more likely not. Your nipples will change a lot if you ever get pregnant, furthermore, and if you ever nurse a baby.

How do you get your parents to notice you?

u jst have to go near them n try to talk to them n if it doesnot work then, try to do something which will divert their attention towards u. Communication is the best way to build a good relationship.Send them greetings,buy a card during special occasional a simple gift will do.If you love to cook,cook their favorite dishes or sometimes treat them in to their favorite restaurant.Always make them feel how much you care for them.

Do nipples loose colour as you Get older?

Yes they do

Should you wear a bra if your breast is a little big?

You should either wear a bra once your breasts are large enough to be pulled down by gravity, or choose not to wear a bra and have breasts down to your waistband when you get 20 years older.

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