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Your getting old.

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Q: Why are your breasts sore you are an older women they have been sore around the nipples and breast area for about 1 week now.?
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What does it mean if you have small nipples?

Somebody told me that if you have small nipples when you are younger the chances are that you will have larger breasts when you are older and your nipples will too enlarge

Will breast sag if do not wear bra regularly?

Breasts will sag regardless as you get older. The bras are not changing the breasts, they just keep them in place.

Why are girls breasts pink?

just the nipple is. so when they get older; they can breast feed if they have children

How do you increase the size of breasts?

there is no way unless u get a breast transplant if 18 or older

What makes older women's breasts get so fat?

Older women's breasts do not get "fat" as much as it would seem. Instead, decreasing hormones affect connective tissue, making breasts sag more. A history of childbirth, breast-feeding, and gravity also pull the breasts downward. ALL females and even males face sagging breasts as they age! As well, fibrous breast tissue feels more dense; almost all women develop some fibrous breast tissue, especially after pregnancy and childbirth.

What is deep and comforting?

1. Older children and parents. A young child can share a chair with an older child or parent, and feel comfortable in no time.2. Breasts and nipples of parents and older children. Nothing feels more comforting to a young child than nursing on or playing with the breasts and nipples of an older child or parent.3. Older children and parents singing: Nothing sounds more comforting and soothing to young children than older children and parents singing.4. Playing together: Older children and parents licking, and singing while tapping younger children's nipples to the rhythm of their music. Younger children licking, nursing, nad tapping their fingers on on older children's and parents' nipples inanswer.David Wesson.

If you have a large aroal during breast developCan it get smaller when you get older?

Maybe, but more likely not. Your nipples will change a lot if you ever get pregnant, furthermore, and if you ever nurse a baby.

Should you wear a bra if your breast is a little big?

You should either wear a bra once your breasts are large enough to be pulled down by gravity, or choose not to wear a bra and have breasts down to your waistband when you get 20 years older.

When does a girl have breasts?

girl's breast will grow at 10 years old or older and sometimes when you are younger like some girls who grow fast

Do younger children perform better than older children?

Try this:1.. Use your breasts and nipples to breastfeed and play with a younger child.2. Use your nreasts and nipples to play with and breastfeed an older child.(Hint To You): To get your children to play, you must give them their fill of your cream, tap their nipples with your fingertips, and wiggle your nipples in their underarns, on their chest, and on their nipples.If the younger child likes your cream and play, he/she will:Drink his/her fill of your delicious cream,Tap his.her fingers on your nipples in answer.Wiggle his.her nipples in your underarms, and against against your nipples in answer.The older child must ffollow the same nursing and playing directions. Whichever child does the least amount of them, or refuses to nurse and play, doesn't win.David Wesson :)

What does it mean when your nipples are sensitive?

If you are older (20's 30's) it may meen you are pregnant. Ask your local doctor about it. If you are younger (teen, young teen etc) and it hurts when you knock your nipple or when you touch it, it means you are starting puberty. If you feel a little ball shape under your nipples, DON'T WORRY IT'S NOT BREAST CANCER!!! That's what I thought is was but it is actually called a bud. A bud is your nipples developing into breasts. Don't feel uncomfortable if you haven't talked to you mum about it. She has been through all of this before and im sure she will understand. ; ) don't be nervous to speak up

My nipples are puffy and i'am 18 years old Is this a problem?

They are just a natural condition. As you get older and your breasts are fully developed they will go away. Some women never get rid of them but to me that is actually a good thing.

How do you get your parents to notice you?

u jst have to go near them n try to talk to them n if it doesnot work then, try to do something which will divert their attention towards u. Communication is the best way to build a good relationship.Send them greetings,buy a card during special occasional a simple gift will do.If you love to cook,cook their favorite dishes or sometimes treat them in to their favorite restaurant.Always make them feel how much you care for them.

What does 'breasts' mean?

Usually breasts. But in older slang it can mean stupid people.

How does a heterogeneously dense breast relate to cancer?

Why is breast density significant?Dense breasts contain more glandular and connective tissue. Less dense breasts are mainly made up of fat tissue. Every woman has different amounts of the different types of tissue in her breasts. Breast cancer itself is made up of dense tissue. This means that on a mammogram, a tumor is harder to spot in dense tissue than in fatty tissue, because the tumor looks a lot like the tissue around it. An analogy is often used to describe the way dense tissue looks on film, "It's like looking for a polar bear in a snow storm." Breast cancers are readily seen in fatty tissue with up to 98% sensitivity in film mammography.Dense breast tissue itself is a risk factor for breast cancer, with the risk 4-6 fold higher in women with extremely dense breasts compared to fatty breasts, and breast cancer is more likely to develop in denser areas of the breast. Extremely dense (>75% dense) or heterogeneously dense (51-75% dense) is present in over half of women younger than age 50 years and one-third of women age 50 years and older.

Do nipples loose colour as you Get older?

Yes they do

What is the earliest age you can get breast cancer?

There really is no age. People think it's always in older women, but there was a girl, aged 16, who had IBC, which stands for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She died. And at your doctors when you go for a physical, your doctor ALWAYS checks for lumps starting at a young age, if you have breasts, that is.

Is it normal for a 9 year old to not have nipples yet?

Everyone has nipples, im shure as you get older they will become more nodcable

I'm 15 female and a 34 D in bra size your nipples are quite big will they shrink as you get older?

yes they definitely will as you get older women start to get wrinkles everywhere which cause a woman's nipples to shrink

What is involutional breast change?

Involutional breast change is a normal process that occurs in women as they age from about 25 to 45 years old. During this time the number of loblues within the breast will decrease and the specialized connective tissue in the breast will replaced with more fibrotic collagen. This results in breast sagging and a loss of firmness. Some breasts may become larger if there is a marked increase in fat deposition due to compensatory weight as one gets older.

Do newly hatched swallows drink lots of water?

Birds, no birds, have breast nipples to feed their young. They rely on insects that the mothers mash up in their mouths and feed to their babies. When they are older and can fly, they will drink water and catch their own insects.

Do nipples get darker as you get older?

yes they do get darker. example when you breast feed the child will suck your niple and will cut off cirulation and there it will turn darker. You could also tight up a rubber band in the nipple and leave it their for a few minutes. Thnx

Aging changes in the breast?

InformationWith aging, a woman's breasts lose tissue and subcutaneous fat, reducing breast size and fullness. There is also a decrease in the number of mammary glands, which the body replaces with fat tissue. These changes make the breast less firm. The breasts lose support.Aging breasts commonly flatten and sag, and the nipple may turn in slightly. The area surrounding the nipple (the areola) becomes smaller and may nearly disappear. Loss of hair around the nipple is common.As you grow older breasts may change in size. Lumps are common around the time of menopause. These often turn out to be benign cysts.Breast cancerrisk increases with age. Women should perform monthly breast self-examinations. However, because breast self-exams do not always pick up early stages of breast cancer, women should also talk to their health care provider about mammograms.

How old are you when you get breasts?

If you're a girl, look down and there they are - or will be soon. They are just two mounds of flesh, but they get a lot of attention. As a girl matures and goes through puberty, breasts tell the world that this girl is leaving girlhood and entering a new stage in her life.Because large breasts get attention (just look at magazines, TV, or movies), some girls may worry if their breasts are small or if they mature more slowly. Girls with large breasts may be unhappy, too, because their shape attracts attention they don't want. The truth is that beauty doesn't come in just one bra size. There are all sorts of female shapes and sizes in the world, and all are beautiful.But breasts do more than just look nice. Girls have them so they can do an important job later in life. Someday, if the girl grows up to have a baby, her breasts can provide the milk the baby needs. Breast milk is the very best food for babies and mom is the source. And it doesn't matter if those breasts are small, medium, or large. All sizes can produce enough milk to feed a baby.When Do Breasts Start Growing?Breasts can start growing as early as age 8 or as late as 13. Some girls' breasts grow slowly and others grow quickly. Some girls may feel like their breasts will never start growing. But it's just that girls start developing at different ages and different rates. One girl might have more developed breasts at 12, whereas her friend could be still flat as a board. Breast development happens in stages. The first stage starts during the early part of puberty, when a girl's ovaries enlarge and estrogen, an important female hormone, begins to circulate in the body. Doctors often refer to the early stages of breast development as "breast budding." Get it? Budding - like a flower has buds.A breast bud is like a small raised bump behind the nipple. After breast budding happens, the nipple and the circle of skin around the nipple (called the areola) get bigger and a little darker. Then the area around the nipple and areola starts to grow into a breast.As breasts keep growing, they may be pointy for a while before becoming rounder and fuller. For some girls, one breast might be a little bigger than the other one. A girl's breasts may continue to grow during the teen years and even into her early twenties. Fully developed breasts come in all shapes and sizes.Breasts are just one sign that a girl is getting older and on her way to becoming a woman. If a girl has questions or concerns about breasts or bras, the good news is that there are plenty of women and older girls to ask.And if a girl is worried about how slowly her breasts are growing, her doctor is also a good source of information. More often than not, a girl is growing in the normal range and before she knows it, she'll be bra shopping, too.

How perfectly man use suck woman breast so that breast does not sag?

It's not like a balloon you can blow up to keep it firm and bouncy. Breasts contain mostly of fat so they hang and when we get older the skin will lose it's stretchiness and the breast will sag. There is no "cure" for that. It's for the same reason the skin in your face will sag and everywhere else on your body. If she has also been pregnant and breastfed, the breasts became bigger and the skin is stretched and then they go back to normal size after stopped breastfeeding and the skin is then stretched out and can not go back.