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Jogging is a warm up and recreational cycling is one big long warmup, however cycling as a warm up takes a long time.

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Q: Why are warm up less important for low impact activities such as jogging and recreational cycling?
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What are some examples of cardiorespiratory activities?

Examples of cardiorespiratory activities are: running, biking, walking, jogging, aerobic dance, cycling, swimming, skiing, stair stepping and rowing.

How do you exercise if you have bowlegged?

jogging hard and cycling....

What are some aerobic capacity activities?

Some aerobic capacity activities are swimming, jogging, kickboxing, treadmill, stationary cycling, stairmaster, dancing, basketball, hikinh, squats and climbing.

Is cycling aerobic?

Yes, cycling is aerobic. Walking is also aerobic, and running, and jogging.

How do you be energetic?

Do intense activity, cycling, jogging, etc.

How can you get rid of fat in the thighs?

Walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming

What are exercises improve body composition?

Jogging, swimming, cycling, and aerobics

Cycling or jogging makes you more thin?

It really doesn't matter much. When it comes to using up calories, the important thing is for how long, and how hard you're working. This means that if you measure your workout by distance, jogging is "better" as you travel slower and will have to keep at it for a longer time. But if you measure by time, then cycling can certainly use up just as much calories as jogging, if you go at it hard enough.

What are warm up activities?

Stretching and jogging.

Why does jogging use more energy than cycling?

joggig uses more ernagey than cycling because when u go out jogging u are running and burning more fats and calairoies in ur body

In aerobic training what are four categories of work?

running/jogging, swimming, cycling, walking

What are common cooldown activities?

Stretching & Jogging slowly ( :

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