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Q: Why are umpires so sensitive if spectators talk on the sidelines about the rules?
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What do track umpires do in track and field events?

They make sure that everyone follows the rules, and blows an annoying whistle.

Does Australian rules football have a referee and how many does it have?

The officials in Australian Rules football are called Umpires. In the AFL (the national competition) there are 3 Field Umpires. These umpires are in charge of the game. They award free kicks and start and end each quarter. There are 4 boundary umpires - two on each side of the ground. They are responsible for signalling when the ball goes out of play - either to be thrown in (by the same umpire) or if it has been kicked 'out on the full'. There are also two goal umpires. One in the goals at each end of the field. They are responsible for signalling scores. (goals and behinds).

What is the role of a referee in netball?

Netball doesn't have referees they have umpires. Their role is to rule on the plays in a game. If an umpire controls the game very strictly it can slow the game down which can have an impact on the players and enjoyment to spectators. A good umpire will arbitrate on rules allowing some leniency, enabling a fast and smooth game...which makes for an exciting spectacle.

When did mlb umpires last announce a change in the called strike zone?

Umpires do not decide or announce changes in the strike zone, that is determined by the MLB Rules Committee. The last such change by the committee was in 1996, when the lower limit of the strike zone was changed from the top of the knees to the bottom of the knees. Umpires simply call the strike zone on what THEY PERCEIVE as the size of the zone in the rules in effect at the time.

What are some of baseball's unwritten rules?

Don't crowd the plate. If you do, the pitcher will throw at your head. The strike zone. According to the rules, it extends from the batter's knees to his shoulders. In actual practice, however, umpires consider the waist to be the top of the strike zone. This changed a little bit a few years ago, when the MLB "reminded" the umpires what the "official" strike zone was, but still, very few umpires are going to call a chest-high pitch a strike.

What does a football official do?

to ensure that all of the players, coaches, and spectators involved in a game are being fair and following the rules.

What does an umpire do in badminton?

An Umpire is in control of a particular match, usually called a rubber, and has to know the rules of Badminton and ensure the game is played fairly within the rules. The most obvious job is to keep the score, calling it out between points so that the players and spectators know the score. The Umpire is also required to call any faults and sort any problems during the games. Umpires also act as Service Judges and work as a team with the Umpire when both are on court. The Umpire reports any problems to the Referee who has the final say at the event.

Who establishes rules concerning Sensitive Compartmented Information?


What are the responceibilities of an umpire in netball?

The responsibilities of the umpire is make sure the game is played properly ,according to the rules ,if a player steps it is the umpires job to penalise them.

What are the rules of a home run for it to count?

it has to be a fair ball, and go over the fence. if a fan reaches over the fence and catches the ball, the umpires can call it back. If you had some violation such as being out of the box when you hit the ball or if you had two much pine tar on your bat, the umpires can call that back as well.

Have the rules changed from the first time it was played?

Yes, just last year major league baseball made a rule that umpires could review home run calls.

What is an organized baseball game?

A pretty vague question. Organized baseball usually refers to an agreed upon league of teams that play each other over the course of a year or season. You can organize a single game like an old timers game, a tournament of games or an entire season. There are agreed upon rules and usually a rule book, a schedule, impartial umpires, ground rules and even specific rules for mercy such as in little league and Knothole baseball. Unorganized baseball is referred to as sandlot baseball where there are no set rules, no umpires, there doesn't even have to be 9 players on each team.