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Beleive it ornot people in New York are refered to as Metropolitans, and so the nickname for them is METS!!!! so they named a team after it

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Q: Why are they called the Mets?
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What is a person's maximum number of METS called?

A person's maximum number of METS is also called kcal level. Kcal is also known as kilocalorie. 1 Kilocalorie is equal to 4184 joules.

Why were the 1969 mets called the miracle mets?

The Mets were horrible for 7 years, and were mediocre for the first part of their eighth year, 1969. The Mets were 9 1/2 back in mid-August and then suddenly went 39-11 while the Cubs collapsed. The Mets then swept the Braves in the playoffs, and then shocked the Orioles in the World Series.

What is the name of the NY Mets 3rd base song containing all players who have played that position?

The name of NY Mets 3rd base song containing all players who have played in that position is called "Meet the Mets". (This is not the correct Answer) Whats the name of the song containing the 1st 79-players names who played 3rd base for the ny mets-who sang it (its not meet the mets-its on-an amazin era the ny mets 25th anniversary vhs tape?

Who is better Mets or Reds?


Do you like the mets or Yankees?

Mets. Yankees suck. I like the Mets!

The most consecutive losses by the NY Mets?

The most consecutive losses in Mets history is 24 in 1899 at the time the team was called the Spiders and was the begining of the expansion team

Why do the mets stink?

The Mets stink Because they can;t hit the ballwhat.what is it with the mets lack of offence

The maximum number of METS is also called?

D. physical working capacity.

What did the mets do in 1988?

In 1988, the Mets were playing baseball.

Why are the Saint Louis cardinals called the cardinals?

All teams are just called by their name. If you look at baseball standings or pratically anything teams are called by their actual name not the place they come from. The New York Mets are called the Mets The Houston Astros are called the Astros All teams are called by their actual name not the place ---- One story has it that they changed their primary uniform color from brown to cardinal red starting in the 1900 season.

Who holds the Mets record of eighteen years of service with the Mets?

Ed Kranepool joined the Mets toward the end of their first season, 1962. He remained with the Mets until he retired in 1979.

What does carte des mets mean?

La carte des mets is the menu. "Mets' is a (somewhat snobbish) noun for a dish.

Are the mets going to the 2012 playoffs?

Yes! The Mets rock

Are the Mets bad?

The mets are the third best in the national league

When did mookie Wilson come on the mets?

He was on the Mets from 1980 - 1989.

What team is the AA of NY Mets?

Binghamton, NY Mets

When was Meridian Mets created?

Meridian Mets was created in 1921.

When was Wausau Mets created?

Wausau Mets was created in 1975.

When was Binghamton Mets created?

Binghamton Mets was created in 1962.

When was Columbia Mets created?

Columbia Mets was created in 1983.

When did Auburn Mets end?

Auburn Mets ended in 1966.

When was Auburn Mets created?

Auburn Mets was created in 1962.

When did Greenville Mets end?

Greenville Mets ended in 1966.

When was Greenville Mets created?

Greenville Mets was created in 1965.

When was Marion Mets created?

Marion Mets was created in 1965.

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