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They are balls Golf. That's it. No particular reason.

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Q: Why are they called golf balls?
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When is a golf ball not called a golf ball?

When it is not on the list of conforming golf balls as compiled by the R and A and USGA.

What are 4 sleeves of golf balls called?

A box

What are the things that hold the golf balls called?

a tee

What holds golf balls?

It's called a "tee".

What are golf balls made out of?

Golf balls are made out of a material called 'Surlyn'. They often have a cover made of urethane. Many materials have been used for golf ball manufacture over the years with the original balls being made of wood.

Are intech golf balls legal?

No, These balls are not on the USGA conforming list of golf balls.

How many golf balls can you have in your bag during a golf tournament?

== == You can carry as many golf balls as you want.

Are precept laddie golf balls a man's or woman's ball?

The laddie is not gender specific. Ladies golf balls are usually labelled as ladies golf balls, where as you would never see golf balls labelled mens' golf balls.

How can you get free golf balls?

It is highly unlikely that you would be able to get golf balls for free. The only way you could do so is a promotion with a golf magazine or something. If you go play golf and find some golf balls you can keep them, however, you can't just go to a golf course and look for golf balls, this is illegal. The issue seems to be perhaps you think golf balls are too expensive, there are a couple of options you could buy budget golf balls or buy lake balls, these are used golf balls which are a lot cheaper.

What is a good brand of golf balls?

"There are several brands of golf balls. Some of the best are Nike, Titleist and Callaway. Titleist golf balls are the most well known golf balls."

Where can I get personalized golf balls from?

You can get personalized golf balls at the following sites I am including , and , and

What is a group of golf balls called?

A box of three is called a sleeve, and 12 a dozen.

There are 9 golf balls in a boxhow many boxes does hector needs if he wants to give away 500 golf balls as souvenirs?

56 boxes which is a total of 504 golf balls. Hector will have 4 extra golf balls if he gives away 500 golf balls.

What is more deadly a baseball or golf balls?

golf balls

What are some examples of new models of golf balls available to buy?

There are many good examples of new models of golf balls available to buy. For example, one can easily find that Titleist golf balls and Nike golf balls have new models of golf balls for sale.

What is tiger wood's favorite number?

Number 1, he only uses Nike #1 golf balls, and the golf balls themselves are called Nike One, inspired by Tiger Woods.

When did golf balls change in size?

Golf balls are heavier when frozen.

How many golf balls can you fit in a basketball?

106 golf balls

What is a sentence for dimpled?

Golf balls were dimpled as the dimples was found to cause the golf balls to go further and be more accurate than undimpled golf balls.

What are golf balls made of?

golf balls are made of rubber and cork.:D

What were the first golf balls made of?

The first golf balls were made of Wood.

Are there differences between golf balls?

Golf balls differ on its construction or its coverings.

Who makes callaway golf balls?

Callaway make their own golf balls.

Do frogs have golf balls in there throat?

yes how do you think golf balls are made.

Where could one get used golf balls for free?

Unfortunately, there are not any websites which offer used golf balls for free. Used golf balls still cost money, but they do cost less. A person may visit a nearby golf range and go searching for lost golf balls. Additionally, if a person might obtain free used golf balls from friends who are golfers.

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