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There is occasionally during the pre season simply because teams run out of numbers due to retired numbers and pre season rosters are about 80 players. There will never be two players with the same number on the same team during the regular season however as this is against the ules. If you seen this it must be a mis print. In_My_Tree888

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Q: Why are there two of the same number on a football roster?
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How many players play football?

This question can be answered two ways. The number of players per team for American football is 11 offense and 11 defense. There are also usually two different kickers-- kicker and punter. However, kickers can play other positions on the roster. The total number of American football participants is well over 1,200,000 worldwide.

What is the term used to describe a football match between two teams who have the same number of points?

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How many innings are there in MLB?

There are two rosters in Baseball; the 25-man roster and the 40-man roster

Why does Notre Dame have two number fives on their football team?

It is common for teams to have players with the same number, but NCAA rules state that they must be on offense and defense, not on the same side of the ball.

In college football can 2 players have the same number on their jersey?

you need to be more specific...because the number 81, for instance, is worn by both Terrell Owens of the Cowboys and Randy Moss of the Patriots. If you mean two football players on the same team with the same jersey number, that answer would be no, unless Owens and moss ever play on a pro bowl team together. Pro Bowl teams are the only teams that have two or players with the same number.

What is the best number in football?

The answer is 2 (two). In numerlogy the sum toral of the word 'football' is 2 (two). The answer is 2 (two). In numerlogy the sum toral of the word 'football' is 2 (two).

Where can I find the Ohio State football roster from 1992?

My husband use to play football for Ohio state years ago. I was wondering where I could find some information for the the years he was there. 1989-1992. I am looking for pictures, articles, stats, or any other kind of information for those years.

Is two the same number as six?

Yes, the number two is the same as the number six

11 grade soccer get numbers?

Soccer players are required to have numbers in order to distinguish players on the field. No two players on the same team may share a number and the numbers with names must be listed on the team roster.

What college football team beat two different number 1 teams in the same year?

After tomorrow, the answer will be the South Carolina Gamecocks! Go Cocks!

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When was the last time two brothers scored for the same football team in the same football match?

40 years ago.