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how to play ring toss game with 5 different color rings and 1 stand

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Q: Why are there 5 rings and what does each ring stand for?
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What does the black ring stand for?

The 5 rings are all different colours. There is at least one colour of each countries flag in the rings.

What do the 5 Olympic rings stand for?

The five Olympic ring stand for 5 continents

What are rings like on a ring stand?

The 5 rings of the Olympics stand for friendship. Baron Pierre de Coubertin wanted all of the countries to join.

What is the significance of the 5 olyampics rings?

one ring for each continent

What continent does the red ring of the Olympic rings stand for?

There is no specific corresponding continent towards each of the rings. One or more of the 5 colours (blue, red, black, yellow and green)are included in each of the flags that participate in the Olympics.

Why Olympic sign is five rings?

1 ring each for our 5 continents.

What does each ring stand for in the Olympic symbol?

Each ContinentThe five rings represent the five major regions of the world: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.5 continents of the worldthe 5 conntinantsThe rings stand for the five continents that participate in the Olympics. Antarctica does not participate and North and South America are considered one continent.

Why did the Greeks decide to have 5 Olimpic rings for the Olimpic sign?

one ring to represent each continent

What does each ring stand for on the Olympic symbol?

The 5 most important continents of the world.

What does The Yellow olympic ring mean?

The Rings symbolize each geographical area. Each country within these areas has a minimum of one colour on the emblem in their national flag. No one ring has any specific meaning. There were 5 countries and so 5 different coloured rings.

Which planets have rings and how many rings does each planet have?

All of the Gas Planets or Outer Planets have a ring system.Jupiter has 3 rings.Saturn has 13 rings with many sub divisions.Uranus has 13 ringsNeptune has 5 rings

What do the colours of the 5 Olympic rings represent?

the 5 olympic rings stand for the 5 contenents of the world

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