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They were named after the Baseball New York Giants. Their official name, to this day, is the New York Football Giants.

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Q: Why are the ny giants named giants?
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Why are the NY giants called giants?

Before the baseball Giants moved to San Fran they were the New York Giants. The football team was then named after the baseball team.

What is the name of the NY Giants' Mascot?

The NY Giants have no mascot.

Why the ny giants are called that?

the N.J.Giants are called NY. giants just for the hell of it.

Which has the better defense ranking -- the NE Patriots and the NY Giants?

NY Giants

Which players played for the NY Mets NY Yankees NY Giants and Brooklyn Dodgers?

Not one player played for the ny yankees, ny giants, brooklyn dodgers and ny mets

What team is older ny giants or ny jets?

The Giants were formed in 1925 the Jets in 1960.

Are the NY giants better then the Washington Redskins?


Do the NY giants have cheerleaders?


What sate is in the New York Giants?

The NY Giants and the NY Jets play out of a stadium in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, but, the Giants and the Jets are considered NY football teams, just like the NY Buffalo Bills.

Who did the ny giants loose to in the super bowl?

The Ny Giants didnt loose to no one.

Who has been around longer ny giantS or ny jets?

The NY Giants were established in 1925 - The NY Jets weren't established until 1960 - courtesy of Wikipedia !

What year did NY Giants put NY helmets?


Did the NY Titians change their name to the NY Giants?

No, that was the Jets!!!

What year were the Giants named the New Jersey Giants?

they never were named the new jersey giants

When was ny giants founded?


Did the Cowboys beat the NY Giants?


Are the ny giants good?


When did the Giants leave NY?


What are the NY GIANTS' mascot?

a giant

Is David tire still on the 2008 NY Giants Roster?

Is David Tyre still on the 2008 NY Giants rostre?

Will the ny jets ny giants share the new stadium?


What NFL teams are in New Jersey?

The NY Jets and the NY Giants

Who played for the NY Yankees ny giants Brooklyn dodgersand ny mets?

Duke Snider

Why do the giants say their the ny giants not New Jersey giants?

They're HQ is in NY and probably beacuse they cant fit a stadium in NYC. North NJ is considered part of the NY Metropolitan area to most people.

Who were the NY Giants quarterbacks?

Eli Manning is the New York Giants Quarterback!