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Q: Are the NY giants better then the Washington Redskins?
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Who are the ny giants rivals?

Washington Redskins, Philippine Eagles, Dallas Cowboys

What nfl team have the redskins played the most?

NY Giants

What teams beat john elway and the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl?

NY Giants Washington Redskins San Fransisco 49ers

Who did the bills lose to in the Super Bowl?

The Bills lost to the NY Giants, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys two years in a row...

Why do the NY giants have the number 21 on their helmets?

That is in honor of Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins who was killed in a home invasion robbery in November, 2007.

Which has the better defense ranking -- the NE Patriots and the NY Giants?

NY Giants

Who did john elway play against in his Super Bowl appearances?

NY Giants Washington Redskins San Fransisco 49ers Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons

Who is in 4 place for super bowl wins?

Washington Redskins and NY Giants are tied with 3. Pittsburg (6), Dallas(5), and the 49ers(5) are 1-3 respectively.

Who is better the NY Giants or the NY Jets?

The New York Jets are way better.

How many times did the ny giants beat the redskins in 2000?

The teams split the season's series that year. In the first meeting on September 24, Washington defeated New York 16-6. In the December 3rd rematch, the Giants prevailed 9-7.

Who were the original nfl teams?

Green Bay Packers, KC Chiefs, NY Jets, NY Giants, Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, Chicago Bears, SF 49ers, LA Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, SD Chargers,

Which team is better NY Giants or NE Patriots?

It just depends on who you like.

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