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The New Orleans Saints haven't been to the Super Bowl yet because of many problems the players had to work on over these past couple of years. There were poblems with the offense and then problems with the defense, but now that they are clearing these problems up, they are looking (along with their fans) to be in their first championship game.

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It's a long story, but a professional football team in New Orleans was the dream of a local businessman named Dave Dixon. It came true in 1967, when the National Football League awarded a franchise to the Crescent City. Dixon also came up with the concept for the Louisiana Superdome, which is where the Saints have played their home games since 1975.

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Q: Why are the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans?
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What were the New Orleans Saints former name?

It has always been the "New Orleans Saints".

Where are the New Orleans Saints from?

New Orleans, La.

In what city and state do the New Orleans Saints play in?

The New Orleans Saints play in the city of New Orleans which is in the state of Louisiana.

Who is the NFC champion?

The New Orleans Saints are the 2010 NFC Champions.

When did the saints start playing in new Orleans?

The Saints organization began in New Orleans in 1967.

What place did the new Orleans saints finish?

what place did th new Orleans saints finish

Are the Saints from New Orleans?

Yes. The Saints football franchise is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Where is saints gear located at?

Saints Gear is a New Orleans Saints Apparel merchandising store and is located in New Orleans. They sell quality original NFL gear for fans of the New Orleans Saints.

What was the New Orleans Saints record in 2004?

In 2004, the New Orleans Saints had an 8-8 record.

Where can one purchase New Orleans Saints jackets?

New Orleans Saints are an American Football team who reside in New Orleans, LA, United States. Jackets can be purchased from New Orleans Saints directly, Fanzz, NFL shop and Nike.

What type of people wear New Orleans Saints clothing?

People who wear New Orleans Saints clothing are usually fans of the National Football league team. Fans of the New Orleans Saints tend to live in or near New Orleans.

When did the New Orleans saint become a team?

The Saints have always been located in New Orleans. The team joined the league in the 1967 season.