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The Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown. While Paul Brown was the first Head Coach of the team, he was not the first owner as many believe. The first owner was Arthur B "Mickey" McBride. Once he was given a franchise in the AAFC he hired Brown to be Head Coach, along with General Manager and Vice President.

Here's the whole story,

In 1945, Arthur McBride brought the All-America Football Conference (AAFC) team to Cleveland. He ran a newspaper contest to name the team and offered the winner a $1,000 war bond. Many entries suggested the name "Browns" after Head Coach Paul Brown, but Coach Brown felt it wasn't "proper" to name the team after himself. Instead, the winning suggestion was the Panthers. However, there was a semi-pro team called the Cleveland Panthers in the '20s, and the owner still had the rights to the name. So, Coach Brown reluctantly agreed to name the team the Browns.

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Q: Why are the Cleveland Browns called The Browns?
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Why is the football team from Ohio called Browns?

the Cleveland browns

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name?

No but they were going to be called the Cleveland bombers

Who are the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are an NFL team based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Why or Cleveland Browns called browns?

The legend is that the team was named after its head coach, Paul Brown.

Which team replaced the original Cleveland Browns?

cleveland browns

When was Cleveland Browns created?

Cleveland Browns was created in 1946.

How old are the Cleveland Browns?

The Cleveland Browns were established in 1946.

Where do the Cleveland Browns play?

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have played at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that the Browns played at Municipal Stadium, which was torn down to have Cleveland Browns Stadium built in it's place.

What were the Cleveland Browns called before they were called the Browns?

the Cleveland BulldogsAnswerthe Bulldogs were Canton's football team. there was a Cleveland Bulldogs franchise at one point when a Cleveland businessman bought the Bulldogs and combined them wih the Cleveland Indians, which he already owned and changed the Indians name to the Bulldogs. but it was a separate franchise and was never in anyway connected to the Cleveland Browns. the Browns have always been called the Browns since the team was founded in 1946. However, before that, Cleveland's NFL team was the Rams, who moved to Los Angeles after the 1945 season making way for the Browns, who started in the AAFC and then were brought over to the NFL in 1950.

What stadium do the Cleveland Browns play at?

They play at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

In 1931 what became the first ever televised sport event?

Cleveland Browns Football Cleveland Browns Football Cleveland Browns Football

When did the browns come back to Cleveland?

The Browns came back to Cleveland in 1999.

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