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Because they just suck

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Q: Why are the Bengals doing so bad this year?
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Why are the Cincinnati Bengals so horrible this year?

because the quarter back stinks

How do you do well on finals?

we study and pay attention, so if you haven't been doing this the whole year, if feel bad for you. unless a miracle happens.

Why are Chelsea doing so bad this season?

they are just rubbish!

Which defense is better Buffalo Bills or Cincinnati Bengals?

The Bills easily. The Bengals are one of the worst teams so far in 2008.

What is so bad about watching television?

It's bad it that's the only thing you do. I guess you have not been doing your homework

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Because they think it's so cool

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if you're not married, and you want to have children, so you do it it, and you a christianor a catholic, than it becomes bad. but if not , and your married, than it is okay. if you're not married and you want children, so you have it it, and if you're a christian or a ctholic, than it becomes bad.

Is reading bad for you?

It is great for your brain but your body isn't doing anything. So it is kinda bad for you kinda not! :) Hope that helped!

Is it bad to rub your eyes with contacts on?

I believe so, but if your eyes get more itchy and red then yes, stop doing it and it is bad.

Why are the Detroit Tigers doing so bad?

So much offense! But not enough to make up for so little defense.

Are Bengals big?

Bengals come in a range of sizes but they are fast growers so yes they do come big once they reach 1-2 years old. :)

Why is it bad to hold in your sneeze?

You could end up damaging your ears by doing so.

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