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Q: What were the Cincinatti bengals first called?
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The Bengals and WKRP are both from what city in the United States?

The Bengals and WKRP are both from Cincinatti, Ohio.

Who do the Chicago Bears play opening day 2013?

They play the Cincinatti Bengals at home for there first game.

Who is the main rival for the Cleveland Browns?

Cincinatti Bengals. It's the Pittsburgh Steelers

What state are the Cincinatti Bengals located?

OHIO C'mon learn your major cities dude!

In which stadium do the Cincinatti Bengals play?

The Cincinnati Bengals play in Paul Brown Stadium. The stadium opened in 2000, and is named after the founder of the Cincinnati Bengals, Paul Brown. The stadium has a turf field, and a capacity of over 65,500 guests.

What are the release dates for The NFL on CBS - 1956 Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals?

The NFL on CBS - 1956 Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinatti Bengals was released on: USA: 13 November 2011

Did cris collingsworth ever win Super Bowl?

Type your answer here... No~Was on the Cincinatti Bengals team that lost to the San Fransico 49ers.

What teams played in the super bowl XVI?

San Frisco 49ers and cincinatti Bengals score was 26-21 49ers won.

Which two teams played in Super Bowl 16?

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinatti Bengals 26-21 in Superbowl XVI.

Where was the first MLB team located?


What was the first team in the baseball?

The Cincinatti Reds

Who were the starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl 23?

Joe Montana started at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and Boomer Esiason started for the Cincinatti Bengals.

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