Why are steroids cheating in Baseball?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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It enhances the athlete's abilities, giving them abnormal strengths. ♥♥♥U R pRETTY!♥♥♥

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Q: Why are steroids cheating in Baseball?
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Why are steroids cheating?

because dude they make ya too strong and they kill ya within 3 weeks of gettin started OMG that's like saying better baseball bats than they used to use is cheating. Steroids in baseball is cheating because the rules say no steroids! In society, with individual use, the term cheating doesnt mean anything. If someone wants to use them they should be able to. But with any job you have to follow the company rules, so steroid use is cheating in baseball...

What is the atomic ratio of steroids?

I do not know find out without cheating!

How does doping affects athletes?

because its like steroids, which would be cheating

Is A-rod a bad baseball player?

Yes, the only reason he has had a good stats in career is because of cheating. I say this because he has taken steroids, which is most certainly cheating. If he had not taken steroids he would be a double AA baseball player for the rest of his career. The only reason he hits home runs now is because he plays at Yankees stadium where even alex cora can hit 30 homers a year.

Should athletes that have taken steroids be allowed in the record books?

No. Because they are kind of cheating.

Steroids in baseball?

yes there are steroids in baseball but most of those who use them have yet to come to face charges

Why are Athletes monitored?

They are monitored ever so often to see if they are taking steroids, which is basically cheating.

Why arnt steroids allowed in baseball?

Steroids are cheating! Basically, when you take steriods it makes you much stronger then you were before. Therefore, like people such as Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, and Barry Bonds have proven, it makes you hit the ball much harder and increases your chance of hitting home runs. Don't do it!

How are steroids destroying sports in America?

it's a form of cheating giving a unfair advantage over natural athletes

When did steroids in baseball start?

They started in the 1980s.

Do steroids benefit baseball players?


Why are sport men prohibited to use steriods?

Because steroids are used to stimulate the body and enhance performance and this is considered cheating as well as dangerous because steroids have dangerous side effects. Any athlete caught using steroids can immediately be placed under suspension.