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They started in the 1980s.

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Q: When did steroids in baseball start?
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Taint in a sentence?

Steroids have tainted the sport of baseball. Steroids have tainted the sport of baseball.

Steroids in baseball?

yes there are steroids in baseball but most of those who use them have yet to come to face charges

In what sport are steroids mostly used?

I think steroids are used in most of all sports but steroids get more attention in baseball.

When did steroids in the Olympics start?

in 1960

What are the chemicals in a baseball?

steroids and co4 ammonium

Do steroids benefit baseball players?


What is the best age to start on steroids?


What year did steroids start in sports?


When did steroids start in the MLB?

in the late 1990s and in the 1980 when steroids really started happening. Im just a kid and i know that.

Percentage of baseball players using steroids?

In the MLB it's 85% of ball players that use steroids. In 9 through 12 grade 6.1% of kids used anabolic steroids.

What is the penalty for steroids in baseball?

You get kicked off the team.

Is steroids used more in baseball or football?


How many athletes use steroids in baseball?

about 200

What is the number one sport for testing of steroids?


Famous people on steroids?

Barry bonds {base ball player} was on steroids Alex Rodriguez {baseball player) just recently caught

How many players in the Major League Baseball use steroids?

there are many players in the mlb that use steroids. My guess would be 30-40.

What sports have used steroids?

baseball is the most common sport that uses steroids, but just about all have used them at some point, even swimming.

What are some good questions to ask in an interview about steroids in baseball?

You can ask how many team members are taking steroids. Asking about what the coach has done or said about steroids use on the team. You might want to ask if the players know what the long term effects of steroid use is. A really good question might be, if you didn't take steroids would you still be a good baseball player.

Who was the first baseball player to use steroids?

pud galvin

Why do baseball players use steroids?

To enhance power and stamina

Who uses more steroids football baseball wrestling?


What do people do after they take steroids?

They play baseball or ride bikes.

What are some slang names for anabloic steroids?

Slang terms for anabolic steroids include: Arnolds, gym candy, juice, pumpers, roids, stackers, weight trainers. There are also terms for how steroids are used. "Stacking" refers to taking multiple steroids at once. "Cycling" means to regularly start and stop (or reduce) the steroids.

When do Anabolic steroids start working?

After two or 4 days

Does the MLB test every player for steroids every year?

Yes, Major League Baseball will test all players for steroids every year.