Why are sports people good role models?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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because children want to be sports stars when they are older. The sports people show children that they can get there someday and teaches kids never to give up and stay strong. It also teaches children how to be healthy as most sportsmen and women are.

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Q: Why are sports people good role models?
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Are sports stars good role models to young people?

Of course, sports stars also inspire young children. Sports stars can inspire children to grow up wanting to be like them. But Sports stars are mainly a good role model because sport stars show to persevere, keep determined they show courage. Young people reflect on this and thats how they become good role models.

Can a sportsman be a role model in people's lives?

Anyone can be a role model to another person, doesn't mean they are a good role model.

Why are sports players considered role models?

Sports players are considered role models because they are adults who people look up to. A role model i go along with his Mark Texiera. He's a really good hitter and models how to hit a ball far. He's also influenced me to bat better, and get my batting average higher. You could have a Sports player who you think about a lot and play like.

How are models good role models?

Models can be good role models by showing people you shouldn't be so self-concsious of you and your body and you are original. They can also be bad role models because if the model is caught doing something inappropriate then people may be following in his or hers footsteps.

Are sports personalities real role models?


Why sports people are role moel?

Sometimes sports people are role models because they have a great work ethic, they are determined and hardworking. They have patience and know that practice makes perfect. They teach people that if you work hard enough at something, you can reach your dreams.

Why are models good role models?

Models are good role models because they eat healthy foods, exercise, and keep their body looking fit and healthy!

Why people have role models?

People have role models to help them focus on there goal, so that they could get better at it. A child with a role model is inspired and driven to achieve there goals. Having a role model helps a child focus on there goal, so that they could get better at it. A child with a role model is inspired and driven to achieve there goals. Role Models are people who others look to for guidance. There are good role models who inspire greatness in others and bad role models who are what we call "bad influences."

How does sport influence fashion?

Because peoples role models are people that play professional sports so people want to dress like them to be or represent them.

Are sports stars good or bad role models. do they influence us in a negative or positive way?

Off course they can affect the way we think. But role models are there for us to look up to it can influence us to grow with that person. If the sports star is a bad role model then you can learn of this and not do it if you were starting a sport you loved. I love Jake Harland

Are professional sportsmen setting a good example for young people?

Yes, they are role models to young people:)