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Q: What sport does Patrice Millet use to teach young people in Hati?
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What are the Benefits of been a volleyball coach?

You get to teach people an awesome sport! Also usually you get payed ;)

Can studying history teach you about yourself?

history can teach you your favorite sport or subject.

Is a college degree needed to coach college football?

yes you have to go to school to teach any sport college or not phys. ed is your best chance to teach a sport

How do people teach sign language?

people teach them.

How does a sport teach you dedication?

Well, I you join a sport, you have to stick with it at least till the end of the sport season. If you stick with it, its teaching you how to be dedicated to something.

Did Horace Mann teach people to be teachers?

no, he did not teach the people to be a teachers.

How can a child learn to play a sport?

yes schools have classes that teach spors

Why is sport in schools good?

it can teach respect for teachers,coaches,and other students

Is karate a sport or an activity?

Sports are activities, but not all activities are sports. Many schools do teach it as a competitive sport. Karate is a martial art and when taught in the traditional way is not a sport.

How does soccer teach you a life lesson?

Like any other sport, soccer can teach you motor skills, agility, and coordination. It also teaches teamwork.

Why people are afraid to teach numaracy?

What makes you think people are afraid to teach numeracy. I don't know anybody who is afraid to teach numeracy, I am a teacher.

Why people will be whipped if they teach a slave and why it is illegal to teach a slave?

They will escape

What did the Christians teach their people?

The Christians teach their people the same things that Jesus taught the people around the Mediterranean in 1 A.D., to put it simply. There is a long list of things that Christians teach their people.

Administrators are people who teach language is't true or false?

No, it is not true that the administrators are the people who teach language.

How are sports involved in character building?

By playing a sport, it teaches you many things including:confidenceleadershipteamworkand more!All in All, sports teach people to have self confidence adn how to play as a team.

How did Jesus teach the disciples?

Jesus often used stories to teach people.

Who are the people who made teach you how to jerk?

audio push made teach me how to jerk

How does the moon teach people?

it dosent

Who did malachi teach to?

the people of Israel

Bail bonds don't teach wealthy people a lesson.?

Bail bonds don't teach wealthy people a lesson.

Why were missionaries used?

to teach people about God

What are the reason why people teach dance?

to be active

What did Jesus teach his people about?

the ten comandments

What did Bantu teach the people they met?


What do tasks do ICT teachers do?

they teach people how to manage cyber cafes, and also teach people all about the internet communication technology and the computer