Why are some athletes overweight?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Why are some athletes overweight?
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Are pets overweight and why are they overweight how can we stop them from being over weight?

Some pets are overweight and some are not so stop feeding them junk food.

Who are some french athletes in the Olympics?

who are some girl french athletes

Are many people overweight?

well some are and some are not, but there are a lot of overweight people in America though

How much do athletes donate to charity?

Some athletes are greedy, and do not donate. But other athletes give some money ranging for $12,000,000 to 120,000,000. But some others are greedy, but they do donate $30,000.

What are some of the English athletes called?

i don't know because its base in the called of some English athletes.............

Can some women athletes run faster than men athletes?


What are some Olympic athletes we have today that were inspired by other Olympic athletes?

us we inspire many athletes to compete for our countries

Why is Whoppi Goldberg so overweight?

There are many reasons a person can be overweight. Some can be controlled through diet and some cannot. Unless she reveals what is causing her to be overweight, all one can do is guess and guesses are often wrong.

Why do some countries always do well in the Olympics?

Some countries choose their best athletes. Also, some good athletes practice more.

Some athletes have took drug tests to prove they are not on steroids?

Some athletes have taken drug tests to prove they are not on steroids.

What are good athletes to do a school report on?

Some would be Sean Taylor, Dale Jr., and some football athletes. Maybe some old time athletes like Jim Thorpe, Babe Ruth, or Jack Dempsey. Some athletes in the mid 20th century like Babe Didrikson, Mickey Mantle, or Jackie Robinson. Some athletes in the late 20th century like Michael Jordan or Walter Payton.

Who are some athletes last name starts with harbin?

Serving as athletes is surely a surpassing trade