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Softballs are different sizes because many different ages of girls play softball. A 9 year old girl could not grip a softball the an 18 year old plays with. It is to help all age levels play the sport.

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Q: Why are softballs different sizes?
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Why are softballs and baseballs different sizes?

Boys are accustomed to having small.

What colors do softballs come in?

Softballs are white or black.

Are there different kinds of softballs?

Yes, there are two (fast-pitch and slow-pitch).

What are three sizes of balls that are used in softball?

There are actually 4 sizes of softballs which are currently used. They are 11, 12, 14 and 16 inch. The 11 and 12 inch balls are most typical.

What is the difference between durahide softballs and leather softballs?

durahide softballs are usually/ should be less expensive and are often used in games for this reason. leather softballs are a lot better for pitching.

How much do softballs weigh?

Official softballs weigh 6.8 oz.

What Countries are softballs made in?

Softballs are made in all countries of the world.

Are softballs heavier than baseballs?

Softballs are generally heavier than baseballs.

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