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In the case of Rugby Six Nations, the teams are that high quality and match each other, it is almost imposable to score a try against the other team, but in other, less known leagues, scores can be in the hundreds.

It just depends on the teams playing.

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Q: Why are so few tries scored in rugby union?
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What are the elv's in rugby?

Experimental Law Variations (A few changes in Rugby Union)

Who is the greatest rugby union winger of all time?

Rupeni Caucau hands down. Nobody can match him for sheer ability. He scored tries from everywhere on the pitch, tries involving strength, skill and pace. he also scored countless tries against top class opposition like the ACT Brumbies in the Super 12 at the height of their success and on an international stage like his great try against France. He also dominated when he moved to France to play for Agen. Lets hope he gets back, he still has a few years left if he gets his fitness back and gives up the wacky tobacy.

What are the different kinds of football?

Association football (Soccer), Five-a-side soccer, Gaelic football, Rugby League, Wheelchair rugby,Freestyle football, Rugby Union, American football, Canadian, Australian football, Subbuteo, Table football and quite a few more.

Is rubgy played in Germany?

Yes, there are a few rugby clubs in Germany . But rugby is not very popular in Germany.

Who is the most successful rugby union player of all time?

John Eales won two world cups and a fair few tri nations he could score drop goals too!

Why differences in rugby league and rugby union?

There are many differences from rugby league and rugby union. Rugby league is predominantly a running game, each team has possession until they are tackled [taken to the ground] 5 times, after this possession is turned over to the opposition. On the fifth play the team in possession usually kicks for good field position when the opposition attacks, quite like in 'American' Football. In Rugby union there are far more rules and regulations. In union the attacking team stays in possession until they commit a foul, this can be in the form of a knock forward, accidental offside, not realeasing the ball on the ground, coming in from the side, playing the ball on the ground, not staying on your feet in the rook, etc. The defending team may also turn over the ball in a rook or maul or may intercept a pass, providing they are on side. Alternatively the attacking team can kick for good field position or a line-out, line outs are not found in rugby league. Apart from the same positions and player numbers and the basic rule that the ball cannot be passed forward, there are very few similarities between league and union.

What are the benefits in RUGBY?

There are many benefits to playing either rugby league or rugby union. -You develop I high level of fitness from the long 80 minute games. -Your agility and hand eye coordination is challenged and practiced. -You meet some great people through rugby. -You sleep better at night due to the exercise. -You feel good whenever you make a good play, thus boosting your self esteem and creating a sense of pride. -Other challenges in life become easier as rugby tests your limits. There are likely many more, but those are just a few!

What rugby comptitions are there?

In rugby union the are a few major trophies:International teams;Tri Nations- between Australia, New zealand and South AfricaWorld CupSix nations- between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and ItalyClub teams;Heineken cupMagners league trophyGuiness premiershipSuper 14Curry cupTop 14Sevens teams;Hsbc sevens

How is football and soccer related?

They are related in the foundations of the two sports. American football is derived from the sport Rugby. Both Rugby and Soccer are related as there was a disagreement on the set of rules which was going to be created (around 1863). This led to a split in the original committee into the Football Assosiation (otherwise better known as FA) and the Rugby Football Union (known as RFU). Apart from the origins of the sports, they share few relations, the most prominent being the pitch.. The Pitch for soccer, American Football and Rugby are the same size.

How many hatricks have been scored at the FIFA World Cup?

They have been scored by a few , Gabriel Batistuta, Mickal, Geoff Hurst .

What sports do they play in Frace?

SOCCER, Rugby, Tennis, Athletics to name a few

How many goals has lucas neill scored?

Lucas Neil the Australian footballer is a defender so he has scored very , very few goals.