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because they get better gas milage

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Q: Why are race events run counterclockwise?
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Do you run clockwise on softball? run counterclockwise.

Why do cars race counterclockwise around a track?

in tribute to Alan kulwiki

Why do they race horses clockwise in Australia?

Horses are raced both clockwise and counterclockwise in Australia. The decision to run horses counterclockwise in the US dates to the American Revolution era. In 1780, the first circular US race track was established by William Whitley near his home in Lincoln County, Kentucky. A staunch supporter of the Revolution, Whitley insisted that horses race counterclockwise, as opposed to clockwise as was the custom at the time in England. Some but not all American tracks followed the change immediately. Belmont was run clockwise from its opening until 1921. Today about 30% to 40% of English horse racing is now counterclockwise like all horse racing in the US.

How are sprint events related to track and field and athletics?

sprinting events are used to find the person who can accelerate the fastest and run at the highest speed. where as distance races are used to find the person who can run the fastest,in the race, the longest.

Are clocks usually wound counterclockwise?

NO, many run on batteries or are plugged in

When was While I Run This Race created?

While I Run This Race was created in 1967.

Why are horse races run counterclockwise?

Some are run clockwise. At some courses, there are tracks run in each direction e.g. Uttoxeter.

What is Greek for run the race?

The phrase, "Τρέξτε την κούρσα" is Greek for run the race.

What is the difference between a run and a dash?

Dash is a term, mostly used in the USA, to describe a sprint race (typically 100m, 200m and 400m). Run is used for track events in general.

What is a pentathlon race?

it is a race run in a distance of 3 kilometers

Why do dogs run in counterclockwise circles?

Dogs often run in counterclockwise circles just because they are excited. While some dogs seem to turn only in one direction, other dogs will run in clockwise circles, and some dogs will do both, at different times.

Which way do ceiling fans run?

Most ceiling fans will turn clockwise and counterclockwise

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