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People are scared to ride a bike because they are always thinking negative. They always say they are going to fall and get hurt.

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โˆ™ 2011-02-20 19:51:51
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Q: Why are people so scared to ride a bike?
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What skills you need to be a professional biker?

first you need to not be scared of falling because if your scared you'll never learn how to ride a bike the second thing you need to do is stay steady and balanced on your bike so you don't fall

What way do you ride your pedal bike on the road?

you pedal and steer so you dont hit people or cars

What reason was the dirt bike made?

so people could get around faster. Mostly. But some people started to ride the motorized vehicles in dirt and racing their friends. Thus the name Dirt Bike was created. so the dirt bike was made to work and play.

Is it difficult for a child with Asperger's to ride a bike?

Most cases, no. However some people with AS are clumsy and so riding a bike might take awhile to learn.

Why you should bike ride?

so you can have a healthier body

How long for a 12 mile bike ride?

I presume you mean how long will it take for a 12 miles bike ride. It depends on how fast you can bike, if it's uphill or downhill. The average is between 8-13 mph for most people to bike on a 10-speed on the whole. By that measurement, it could take 50-90 minutes or so on the average.

How do you ride a bike without pedaling?

If you coast on a downhill slope you can ride a bike without pedaling, but otherwise pedaling is the only propelling force that a bike has, so you can't go anywhere without doing it.

What is the difference between you and the bicyle you ride on?

The bicycle should be fit to you so you can ride and handle your bike properly.

What size bike should a 5'2 woman ride?

Probably a 24" roadmaster, i tried that and i could fit on it and almost ride it (i'm not so good with bikes so that wasn't the bike being to big or to small)

Do you need a license to ride 49cc pocket bike in brampton but not on public roads?

no you do not need a license to ride a pocket bike in a brampton but just like the road you got to have a flag so you can be seen

When should i ride my bike on the road?

It's perfectly legal to ride bicycles on most roads. So ride on the road whenever you need or want to.

What are bike tyres made out of?

They are made of a very hard type of rubber which holds air inside it so that the bike can ride on a hard surface.

What Religion requires you to ride bike?

most christian religions require the ability to ride a bike for example those who go on a mission may need to travel a long way and so are provided with bikes by their churches authority.

Can you be 9 to ride a pocket dirt bike?

you should be at lest 4.9 height so if you are and 9 you should go for it i have a dirt bike to but not as small as yours

How do you cycle a bike?

You ride a bike by putting your feet on the pedals and then you go round and round, you need to keep your balance so you need to practice allot.

Stress fracture in your knee should you ride a bike?

As a matter of fact that's just what I have and I am a keen bike rider so one has to take it easy.

Can bike riding make your thighs big?

a bike ride exercises your quadraceps and so yes it will build up muscle on your thighs, making them bigger

Can anybody be scared of stickers?

yes i think so because people get scared by anything however some people don't get scared by nothing

Does a dirt bike require a registration?

I don't think so unless you are going to ride on the road.

Where can you ride a dirt bike in gainesville fl?

i went on the beach with my quad so i guess your fine there.

Will your insurance policy cover you on whatever bike you ride or just your own bike?

Inusrance is for a specific item. So just your own bike. But....if you are riding someone elses bike and they are underinsured, your insurance would cover the gap... This is so in MA, other states may differ. 4lifeguild

Is the x18 super pocket bike legal in New York?

It if you dont get caught so you can ride it on at a track desert or your back yard but is illegal to ride on streets

Is it safe to take brakes off bmx bike?

Depends on where you intend to ride. If you ever take your bike onto streets where there is other traffic removing brakes is a really bad idea. But if you only ride in skate/bike parks then it's not so bad. My recommendation would be to keep them on.

How did the wright brothers impact life in the us?

they made the first airplane so people would be able to get to places quicker that would take longer to take a bus or ride a bike

In Pokemon platinum can you ride up the ramps in a small area?

I believe so, you will need the bike though.