Why are people interested in Sports?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Sport brings people together, creates love, and eliminates racial discrimination.

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Because its fun

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Q: Why are people interested in Sports?
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Was Neil Armstrong interested in sports?

Probably, as he was an astronaut and astronauts have to be really fit to go into space, so he probably played alot of sports. He was interested in sports.

What other jobs are there for someone interested in sports but not brilliant enough for sports medicine?

sports tutor

Who was most interested in sports activities?


Where can I buy Holabird sports review?

You can find Holabird Sports reviews on They have a selection of customer reviews on their website. It is helpful to many people who are interested in the shoe. Hopefully it will help you too.

What is the meaning of the name Ramu?

RAM means the person who interested in sports.... Dasharath saw Lord Ram was very interested in sports...that why he kept his name as RAM

What sports was Bill Clinton interested in?

Bill Clinton was interested in the game cricket and also hockey.

What does the word sportive mean?

Interested in sports or playful.

What is the target audience for a sports magazine?

The target audience for a sports magazine is typically sports enthusiasts, including fans of specific sports or teams, athletes, coaches, and individuals interested in fitness and wellness. The content of the magazine usually caters to those who enjoy reading about sports news, player interviews, game analysis, and sports lifestyle features.

How did Michael Jordan get interested in to playing sports?

he was seeing it on tv

Which group was most interested in sports activities?

(apex) all of these

Did Steve Jobs play sports during high school?

No. He was interested in technology. Steve Jobs was an avid dietarian and runner, so he lived a healthy lifestyle, but he was not interested in mainstream sports.

Why some people do not play sports?

People may not play sports for several reasons. They might not like to compete against others or themselves, they fear the risk of injury. Not being physically fit may be a reason, or maybe, they really just aren't interested.