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All students at Notre Dame are called "Domers" in reference to the Golden Dome of the Main Administration Building.

- ND Student 2012

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Q: Why are notre dame athletes called golden domers?
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Auburn is still the Tigers. War Eagles is a nickname, not a mascot. It's like how the Arkansas Razorbacks are called the Hogs. The LSU Tigers are called the Bayou Bengals. Notre Dame Fighting Irish are called the Golden Domers. There are so many!

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the notre dame golden dome is made up of real gold. the statue of mary is also gold. this building is very special and very beautiful

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Alma Mater (Notre Dame Our Mother)Notre Dame Our Mother, tender strong and true,proudly in the heavens gleams thy gold and blue,glory's mantle cloaks thee, golden is thy fame,and our hearts forever praise thee, Notre Dame,and our hearts forever love thee, Notre Dame.

What is a domer?

A Domer is a phrase describing a person who attended the University of Notre Dame. Domer originated as a reference to the gold-colored dome (aka, the "golden dome") that tops Notre Dame's administration building.

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