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Q: Why are messier corpuscles not found in hairy skin?
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Why are meissner corpuscles not found in hairy skin?

Because the hair folicule ending can detect hair movement and therefore pressure, so the meissner corpuscles are not needed.

Which of the following pairs of receptors appear to play complementary roles in hairy and hairless skin?

Meissner's corpuscles and hair follicle receptors

Where are meissner's corpuscles?

In the skin.

Where are the Meissner's corpuscles located?

in the skin

What kind of receptors are pacinian corpuscles?


What skin receptors detect pressure?

The Merkel's disks are the receptors for pressure.

What nerve ending responds to cold?

It's the encapsulated endings- nerves that are found in the skin and joint capsules (end bulb of Krause, Ruffini corpuscles, Meissner's corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles); skeletal muscle (neuromuscular spindles); muscle-tendon junctions (Golgi tendon organ)

How many types of nerve fibers are in the skin?

Sensory receptors in the skin (cutaneous receptors) are generally of the mechanoreceptor, nociceptor, and thermoreceptor types. Mechanoreceptors sense pressure (such as touch) and vibrations and for example include Meissner corpuscles, Merkel disks, Ruffini corpuscles and Pacinian corpuscles. Nociceptors sense pain caused by damage. Thermoreceptors convey feelings of heat or cold. Chemoreceptors that sense the presence of specific chemicals are sometimes present depending on location but are generally not found on exposed skin.

What are the difference between the skin found on your finger tips and the skin found on the rest of your body?

There are a few differences actually. Firstly, the skin on your palms (includes palm-side of entire hand) and the bottom of your feet is thick skin, whereas the rest of your body is covered in thin skin (with your eyelids being the thinnest). Thick skin has a fifth layer in the epidermal stratum, the stratum lucidum, that lies above the stratum granulosome and is not found in thin skin. Also, since the fingertips are highly receptive to light touch, they are one of the few places that have Meissner's corpuscles. Meissner's corpuscles are the most sensitive (to touch) nerve endings in the skin. They can also be found in the lips, palms, soles of your feet and tongue.

Why is your anus hairy?

The skin around the anus is naturally hairy in adults.

Which receptors on the skin respond exclusively to pressure?

Meissner's Corpuscle.meissner's corpusclemeissner's corpuscles

What is a gorilla's covering?

Hairy skin .