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because men think that men are better at sports when in realility they are just as good

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Q: Why are men sports more supported than woman sports?
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Why are woman sports so much easier than men's sports?

because they are amateurs and are new

Name somethig a woman might accuse her husband of loving more than her?

His car, sports, the dog, his job, TV, money, the kids

Why do male sports get more coverage than female sports?

More viewers watch male sports. More advertisers support male sports.

Team sports are more fun than individuial sports?


Which one has more sports Commonwealth or Olympics?

The Olympics has more sports than the Commonwealth Games.

Why is men sport airtime on TV more then woman sport airtime?

this is because men are better than women ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sports that are shown on TV are driven primarily but the number of people that watch them and by who watches them. This information is used by the TV stations so they can know how much money to charge the advertisers for commercials. It is known that more men watch sports than do women. And it is known that men watch more men's sports than women's sports, therefore, a men's sporting event usually will have more viewers than a women's sporting event. And if there are more people watching that means the TV stations can charge more money for the commercials. So that is why you see more men's sports than women's sports on TV. It has nothing to do with whether men or women are better. Anybody that has watched women's sports knows that the level of competition and drama is just as good as men's sports.

did spartan woman have more rights than athenian woman?

Spartan women had more rights and freedoms than Athenian women. Spartan women were educated, could own property, and participate in sports, while Athenian women had limited rights and were mostly confined to the home as wives and mothers.

Do you think Woman in Heian had more rights and freedom than woman in other societies why or why not?

Yes because they are the ones who WORK HARDER than MENand plus, woman are smarter and hardworking than men who plays video games and sports. That last part is completely wrong men work harder than women who just gossip. :p

How Computers are more fun than sports?

you can get serious injuries in sports but not on the computer

Studies are more important than sports?

Studies are always more important than sports because studies have much more vacancies than sports. If you are interested or good in any subject than u can atleast make a career in which you can spend your life happily but in sports if any person performed better than you.. Then you are shown the exit door...

When was More Than a Woman - album - created?

More Than a Woman - album - was created on 2002-11-19.

Do more people play FIFA 11 Wii and Kinect sports than the real sports?

More people play real sports for sure !