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Yes there is the five yard difference, but the NFL ball also weighs more.


The guy who left this answer before I completely reconstructed it was an idiot. There is a 5 yard difference between pro and college, and the ball weighs more. But, most college kickers kick it to the middle of the endzone. Most pro kickers kick it to the goal line consistently. I have no idea where you're gtting this 10 yard line stuff from. So it really evens out.

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Q: Why are college kickers able to kick the football out of the endzone while pro kickers have trouble kicking to the 10 yard line?
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What is development of kick?

In football, kickers used to straight-on kick the football with their toe. The method proved very inconsistent. In the latter part of the 1900's, kickers began kicking soccer-style. Soccer-style kicking is more consistent, powerful, and accurate than straight-on kicking.

In the NFL do kickers on kickoffs try to kick the ball into the endzone for a touchback?

Yes, there is a distinct advantage to the kicking team if the kickoff is not returned and placed at the 20 yard line.

How long do kickers practice?

well just like anyone else on the football team they have a specific time for kicking and when they go home they could do kicking practice but there really is no good answer for this question

What shoe do most place kickers wear in the NFL?

The Adidas Copa Mundial, Nike Air Legend, and Nike Tiempo a very popular kicking shoes (soccer cleats) among both punters and place kickers at the college and professional levels. for more check out

Can you use a kicking block for extra points in college football?

No, a kicking block is only allowed in high school and levels below that.

Why do football players kick for an extra point?

To loosen the football up because new footballs can be a little hard and to expand the sweet spot that the kicker will be kicking.

Why do kickers in the NFL wear 2 different cleats?

I was wondering this too. PLANT FOOT • Sole should be wider than the foot KICKING/PUNTING FOOT • Sole should be narrower than the foot. hence, kickers usually have a soccer shoe on their kicking foot and a football cleat for the plant foot.

Height of college kick off tee?

Through the high school level, kickers are allowed to use a one or two inch elevated kickoff tee. At the college and professional level, kickers may use a one inch kicking tee. (Similarly, high school kickers may use a one or two inch elevated placement block for extra point and field goal attempts, while at the college and professional levels no block of any kind is permitted.)

What are kickers used for in hockey?

Kickers are the pads worn on the feet of a goalkeeper. What they are used for is simple: kicking the ball away, or sometimes letting it simply deflect off to the sides.

Is it a touchdown if the defensive team blocks a punt and recovers it in the endzone?

Yes it would be a touchdown. If the kicking team recovers it and is downed in the endzone or the ball goes out of bounds in the endzone the defensive team will get a safety and receive the ball via free kick.

What happens if a player with the football gets tackled in his own end zone?

If the ball goes into the endzone due to an offensive player or action (taking the snap into the endzone, running it back into the endzone, etc...), then the play results in a safety. If the ball goes into the endzone due to a defensive player, such as a kick (once the ball is kicked, the kicking team is considered 'giving up' the ball, and is therefore a defense), then the play results in a touchback to the 20 yard line (25 on kickoffs in the NCAA).

Do they have football in Canada?

Canada has what is known as 'American football', as well as the European football (called 'soccer' in Canada), although the two are vastly different. American football involves players throwing and carrying a brown leather ball to score on the opposing teams endzone. European football aka soccer is played with opposing teams kicking a black and white ball into the opposing teams net.