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The gays.

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Q: Why are blowguns illegal in WI?
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Are blowguns illegal in Canada?


Are blowguns legal in massachussettes?

As of January 2011, they are illegal to own.

Are blowguns illegal in the UK?

i was wondering the same question i looked on the internet and that's what it said

Are blowguns illegal in the US?

There is no federal statute controlling them but you would have to check the laws of your individual state.

What is the legal age to purchase a blowgun in england?

BlowGuns are illegal in England so I don't think they can be purchased in England.

Did the Iroquois ever use blowguns?


Did plains Indians use blowguns?


What weapons do the cheroke use?

They use blowguns

Is it illegal to sell used mattresses in WI?

yes you stupid kid

Can a landlord in WI rent to an illegal alien?

Yes you can because it is legal

Did blowguns used in 5000 BC or before?


Did any American Indians use blowguns?


Can a manicurist licensed in WI use a razor blade for pedicures?

No, in WI it is illegal to use any form of blade or callus cutter for a pedicure.

Are blow guns legal in California?

Unfortunately blowguns are illegal in California. I can't explain why they are, its like trying to figure out why homosexuals want to get married, and everyone wants to smoke marijuana, It will just confuse you.

How can i aim my blowgun accurately?

Usually you aim a weapon with one eye closed, however, this is not the case with a blowgun to aim the a blowgun look down the barrel of the gun and cross your eyes the center of the space between the two blowguns you see is were the dart will it, you also have to compensate for distance by aiming slightly above or below the barrel of the two blowguns hope this helps, dont do anything illegal :D

What type of weapons did the calusa use?

They mostly used bows,arrows,and blowguns.

What kind of weapons did the Bella Coola use?

The Bella Coola tribe used bows, arrows, blowguns, clubs & spears. They would put darts in the blowguns, and sometimes even add poison.

How do you hack wi-fi on windows phones?

Hacking is illegal - we in the Wiki community will not help you break the law !

What does labeling record 7 rcrd wi 180d mean?

Selling bootlegged or illegal CD's and DVD's

Is it illegal for children to share a bedroomin wi?

In most circumstances no. But there are certain local laws that governance over-crowding.

Can you get msn on a ds?

No, it is illegal but you can use wi-fi connection on some DS games to chat to your friends and connect.

What tipe of weapons and tools did the Cherokee tribe use?

bows arrows blowguns, tomahawks, baskets etc.

What native American tribes used blowguns?

Do you mean north american native or south american native?

Is it illegal to steal someone's WiFi?

your using the word ''steal''.....what do u think? If they are stupid enough to set up wi-fi without password protection, they are basically putting out free wi-fi. That's why all the cable/phone company's and wi-fi programs offer passwords!.

How do you access or hack into a Wi-Fi network if you don't know the password?

If it is a locked network and you do not know the password, you cannot access it. You need to access an unlocked router. Attempting to access a locked wi-fi network is hacking, which is illegal. Do not attempt this.