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Softer wood allows the bat to have a slight give, so instead of snapping in half every time it makes contact with a ball, it can be used more than once and not create safety hazards for defensive players.

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its probably alot heaver then the types used

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no. there is also maple, birch, aluminum, and composite

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Q: Why are baseball bats made from soft wood?
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Is ash a hard or soft wood?

Ash is extremely hard, this is what baseball bats are made of.

Is a baseball bat made out of pine tree?

Decorative bats can be made of any type wood, but most bats today are made from ash.

Who made wood baseball bats?

luisvile slugger

What wood is used in cricket bats?

Most bats are made of English willow, a very soft, fibrous wood. Lower end bats are often made from Kashmir willow wood. K-willow is cheap and tends to crack easily and is not the prefered wood to make bats.

Which metal is used for making baseball bats?

Baseball bats generally made from wood or metal. Metal baseball bats are usually made of aluminum or an aluminum alloy.

What element is found in baseball bats?

Baseball bats are often made of aluminum, a lightweight, relatively cheap metal.

Is the Kurrajong tree made of soft wood or hard wood?

The Kurrajong tree is made of very soft wood.

What type of wood are baseball bats made from?

Most wood baseball bats are made from white ash. However there are more professionals nowadays using bats made from maple, because it is known to be a little stronger than ash. Bamboo is also used, but it is less common.

What things are made of pine wood?

pine can make baseball bats and houses.

When was the wood baseball bat made?

When they found out that granite bats were too heavy.

Are wood bats used in AAU baseball?

No wood bats in AAU.

Where do maple baseball bats come from?

Assuming you are speaking of baseball bats made from maple, the come from the wood of maple trees. Also known as Acer.