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soccer is a popular sport because it is world wide and people like to play it. it has been around for a long time and the longer it has been around the more fans it has gotten. Baseball is only popular in America and Japan. soccer is way better than baseball anyway.

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Q: Why are baseball and soccer popular sports?
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What are 3 most popular sports in France?

soccer,footballand baseball

What sports did children play in the sixties?

In the 60's the sports of baseball and soccer were very popular.

What recreational activities are popular in Georgia?

the most popular sports are: football and soccer and maybe baseball.

What is the most popular sports team in the Asia?

cricket and soccer The Tokyo (Baseball) Giants.

What are popular sports in America?

Baseball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, and Boxing are a few.

What are top three popular sports played in the world?

Football,soccer,and baseball

What are some popular English sports?

Hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball & golf.

How did sports become so popular in the 1920's?

baseball and soccer.

What sports are played in the Dominican Republic?

The most popular sports in the Dominican Republic are baseball and boxing.

The most popular sports event?

1. Soccer 2. Football 3. Baseball 1. Soccer 2. Football 3. Baseball

What type of sport do puerto ricans play?

The most popular sports that are played in Puerto Rico are soccer, Baseball, and Basketball. Popular spectator sports include boxing, cockfighting and horse-racing.

What are popular sports in OSU?

The Oklahoma State University, there spots are Football, Baseball, and soccer are the main sports for the University. :)