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Q: Why are athletes not allowed to leave Olympic village?
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Why did peasant never leave their village?

Because if they were villens they were not allowed to leave unless their owner let them

What happens to Olympic athletes before they leave the podium?

they receive a medal, a greek tiara of leaves and a bouquet of roses, and someone shakes their hand from the olympic committee. c. vanlier

What are villiens?

they are from the medieval ages... They are peasants which were not allowed to leave there village in which they lived or to move around freely.

What effects will the London olympic games have on the UK?

here is one , but it would not hurt to use google or ask or yahoo. it is estimated that the Games will leave a legacy of up to 9,000 new homes in the Olympic zone, more than half of them in the Olympic Village itself.

Who are the member of team Tsunade?

She is hokage of Konoha and not allowed to leave village unless emergency. So she doesnt have team but she taught Sakura for a while.

Why do Dara and her family leave their village?

Bombs were attacking their village :33

Why do many Olympic athletes bite there medals?

You mostly see them bite the gold medals because real gold is very soft and malleable. If you bite it, it will leave teeth marks on the medal. It apparently just took with the silver and bronze, too.

What is one of the Miskitos' main characteristics?

they do not leave their village

When you try to leave the village in the middle ages?


What does without recourse to sick leave mean?

Not allowed to take sick leave, or to use the quota of days that are otherwise allowed for sick leave.

How do you do the first quest on monster hunter 3 it won't let me leave the village.?

To begin the quest and leave the village you must go to the boat next to the Guild building.

Could Sasuke have been ordered to leave the village like his brother?

He was not ordered to leave the village. After he got bitten by Orochimaru, he was hungry for power and so he left on his own.