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Bullying awareness?

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Q: Why are Super Bowl players wearing purple shirts in 2011 Super Bowl game?
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Why are they wearing purple shirts on the Super Bowl sidelines?

Those probably are inactive players wearing Super Bowl shirts.

Why are Super Bowl players wearing purple shirts?

The purple shirts (purple victory shirts) were given to both teams by the host Dallas organization. Several inactibe team members and supporting staff from each team, Packers and Steelers, are wearing them on the sidelines.

Why are some of the super bowl players wearing purple shirts on the sidelines?

Those probably were the inactive team members.

Why are the the packers wearing purple t shirts during the super bowl?

Those are the injured players. The ones that got hurt earlier in the season. The color looked purple but it was more of a grayish color.

Why are Super Bowl players wearing purple?

Well it depends on which team it is. If the team's colors are purple and yellow they wear that if they aren't purple most likely they wont wear purple....understand?

Why are super bowl announcers wearing purple?

because they are all DNR

Why fox announcers are wearing purple at super bowl 2011?


What should an 11 year old be wearing?

tee shirts and jeans no belly tops or super short shorts

What headphones were the players wearing before the super bowl?

They were Beats by Dr. Dre (Pros) customized by ColorWare.

Why all the purple at this super bowl?

it's national purple day.

How can you get the purple rabbit on super Mario 64 ds?

There is no "Purple Rabbit" in Super Mario 64 DS. There are shiny ones however.

Is there a purple bunny in super mario 64 DS?

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