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Because Pakistan has the best cricket team in the world. Pakistani bowlers are so fast that's the reason why Pakistani cricket team always wins.

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2011-11-26 06:56:54
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Q: Why are Pakistanis so good at cricket?
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Are Pakistani people good at cricket?

Yes Pakistanis are very good at cricket because Pakistanis are very good and fast in bowling they're even quick when they toss the ball towards the bat so yes Pakistanis are good at cricket.

What are Pakistanis known for?

Pakistanis are known to be good at boxing good at cricket. And Pakistanis are also hardworking people.

Why Pakistanis are cool?

Because Pakistanis are a mix of every race. Pakistanis are cool because Pakistanis are the best dancers. Pakistanis are cool because were good at cricket. Pakistanis are cool because were talented and because we are a mixed race.

Why are Pakistanis so good at boxing?

Because us Pakistanis are very strong & born to be brave. Pakistanis have longer athletic legs and smaller body from the upper part. With these long legs Pakistanis are very talented and athletic that they can dance very well, swim good, good at cricket, run fast, wrestle like a man, & also it can give us a good advantage to box. Pakistanis are very athletic when it comes to sports. Yes us Pakistanis are very good at sports such as boxing, running, cricket, & hockey which is a third favorite sport played in Pakistan. Also boxing is the 2nd most favorite sport played in Pakistan after cricket which is Pakistan's first favorite game.

Are Pakis really good at cricket?

Yes Pakistan is very good at cricket because Pakistan has the best cricket team in the world. The 1992 world cup were won by the Pakistanis.

Are Pakistanis good at cricket?

Absolutley yes because Pakistan has a variety of the best cricket players in the world. And Pakistani cricket teams are called as the t20 champions.

Why are Pakistanis better at boxing then Indians?

It's because Pakistanis have more athletic body while Indians are more into education. Pakistanis have shorter upper body & longer legs which then it gives them the ability to box swim run jump & even play good cricket. So yes Pakistanis are good at boxing Amir Khan is also an example for his fast & quick hands.

What sports do Pakistanis play?

They play lots of sports like cricket and football. There are loads of other sports they play but they like playing cricket mostly.

How did cricket get Pakistan's most popular sport?

There is no doubt in it that Cricket is the most popular and favorite sport of Pakistanis. It got popular and boom when Pakistan won 1992 world cup. Since then, it's the most favorite sport of all times for all Pakistanis.

Do Pakistanis cross the Indian border?

Well there are Pakistanis who live in India so maybe.

Why is myself so good at cricket?

you're not bad at cricket you're awesome

Are Pakistanis bad people?

It depends on whom. Some ppl are good and some ppl are bad. Some Pakistanis I know are good ppl and some Pakistanis I know are bad ppl. Every ethnicity has a good side and a bad side.

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