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they are fighing because Matt was so jealous that he hit Jeff in the head with a steel chair at the royal rumble when Jeff was in a match with edge.that is how it all started.then it all ended at wrestlemania in the hardys 'i quit' match.Matt hardy quit and Jeff hardy won.but at the very end,Matt brought up him and jeffs mom who had died about 23 years ago and i think Jeff started to cry when Matt did that because Jeff sniffled a little bit.Matt was jealous of all jeffs fans.he thought Jeff had way more fans than him which is totally true.

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Q: Why are Matt and Jeff fighting?
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Why are Matt and Jeff hardy fighting?

Matt is mad because Jeff is batter then Matt

Why did matt hardy and jeff hardy fight?

It was a storyline they were not really fighting

Are Jeff and Matt really fighting?

ya. they are really fight........ wwe is really true fight ecspeacialy Shawn michaels, cena, Jeff, hhh, undertaker, Matt, randy, and all

Are matt and jeff hardy still fighting?

yes on tna on chanel 32 they wretsle

Are Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy still fighting?

No. Matt and Jeff Hardy are brothers in real life. So, they like each other very much and have a good relationship. Their fight and rivalry in the WWE was just a storyline where Matt was jealous of Jeff's success. It was not real and they are still brothers.

Will matt hardy wrestle for the WWE championship against jeff hardy?

As of now NO. Matt Hardy has retired from active wrestling and Jeff Hardy is currently signed with the rival wrestling promotion TNA. So, at this moment, Jeff and Matt Hardy fighting for the WWE championship seems impossible. It may happen in future but there is no guarantee for the same.

R matt and jeff hardy gay?

no matt is not gay in jeff is not.

Does Matt hardy live with Jeff?

No Jeff lives with Matt while Jeff's house is being rebuilt

Why do Matt hardy look diffrent then Jeff hardy?

Because WWE is not real fighting. Its fake. So they try to entertain by saying Matt hardy and Jeff hardy are brothers. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG If you look very at Matt closer you will see Jeff in him and to that idiot who answered this first they are real brothers!!! GOOGLE IT!

Who is sexier Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy?

Jeff hardy is much sexier then Matt heck yeah,Jeff hardy is way sexier than Matt. Matt sucks

When did Matt and Jeff Hardy's mother died?

When Matt was about 9 and Jeff 6

Has Matt hardy ever done a swanton bomb?

Yes, he done it twice a long time ago when him and Jeff were fighting over something. One in a match in which Jeff wass guest commentator and another when he was in a match against Jeff but it didn't connect and Jeff dodged it.

Jeff hardy or Matt hardy who is the sexiest?

Jeff hardy of course......Matt is okay but Jeff has major sex appeal

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy really brothers?

Yes, Matt is Jeff's older brother.

Is Matt and Jeff hardy bros?

Yes Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy Are Brothers

Did Jeff and Matt Hardy have a brother?

Jeff hardy and Matt hardy are the hardy again

Do Matt and Jeff still respect each other?

yes...they are just fighting on t.v but in real life they are really good friends and brothers

How much age difference between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy?

Matt was born in 1974 and Jeff was born in 1977. Matt is 3 years older than Jeff.

Who is better Jeff hardy or Matt hardy?

They are both great. They both have had years of experience in wrestling. Their is no right or wrong answer for this question. I agree with this man. There is no awnser for this question. Somtimes Matt dominates and sometimes Jeff just comes out with the swanton bomb. There both extreme competitors. But Matt has beaten Jeff several times. It depends what type of match it is. TLC is when Jeff usually comes out on top. Unless Matt slams him through a table or does twist of fate with a chair. Its mostly gonna take years to explain but its like impossible. MATT=JEFF If you check out the hardy show on youtube Matt vs Jeff they spend the whole day fighting but Jeff wins because Matt got drunk and fell asleep. But tht match was immposible. So i gota go withthe first dude theres no right or wrong for this question. :) Btw "People mostly like Jeff than Matt because Matt dumped Lita" But people don't know the truth wjich you could check out at The Hardy show on youtube.

Jeff hardy vs matt hardy?

Jeff Hardy wrestled against Matt Hardy in what was called an I Quit match. In the end Matt Hardy was defeated by his brother Jeff Hardy.

Is Matt Hardy real brothers with Jeff Hardy?

Yes they are. Matt is older than Jeff.

Who is better Matt hardy or Jeff hardy?

it is a pretty close tie but Jeff hardy would beat Matt more then Matt beats him

How did the mother of Jeff and Matt Hardy past away?

in the Jeff and Matt hardy DVD it says because of cancer and if u want to know Jeff was 6 and Matt was 9 when she passed away

What happened between the Jeff hardy and Matt?

in wwe Matt hit Jeff with with chair in real life Jeff and Matt do hate each other because Jeff figured out that Matt took jeffs girlfriend so there in a fued and are not talking to each other right now.

Whos older Matt hardy or Jeff hardy?

Matt's older than Jeff by 3 years