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they are just rubbish!

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Q: Why are Chelsea doing so bad this season?
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What season was Chelsea Hightower on so you think you can dance?

Season 4

Will Chelsea win the FA cup this season?

I hope so

Why are Chelsea so bad?

because they are a club full of homo's

Should people purchase silver certificate doing bad economic season?

No they shouldnt because i said so

Who won the FA Cup last season?

Chelsea beat Everton 2-1 so Chelsea won the FA cup

Who are Chelsea fc signing in the January transfer season 2010?

Chelsea Fc didn't sign anyone in that transfer season. But Later on, they won a double of an fa cup and premier league. So Look for to the summer transfer season

Do Chelsea have pre season games arranged?

Yes and so do all teams, every year.

Have Middlesbrough ever won the FA Cup?

As of the 2013-14 season, Middlesbrough have yet to win the FA Cup. The closest they have come to doing so is finishing as runners up to Chelsea in the 1997 competition.

Who is the Chelsea goalkeeper?

Petr Cech is currently the first choice goalkeeper at Chelsea as of the 2013-14 season. He has been so since the beginning of the 2004-05 season. Belgian Thibaut Courtois is the second choice when he is not out on loan.

Is Fernando Torres a good player?

Yes he is Chelsea's top premier league scorer this season so far

Will there be a third season of ouran high school host club?

They aren't doing a second season so no, I don't believe there will be a third season.

How come the bills are doing so bad.?

the buffalo bills are not doing terrible this season but they simply can not finish games out their defense is good and offense is good as well but simply seem to stop playing late in games and end up losing.

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