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It would be due to the more variety of skills required to play the game, and the fact that all players need these skills, not just some like i NRL. AFL players need to be incredibly fit, some running up to and more than 16km a game, need to be strong, but not too heavy, must be fast, physically and mentally, and must have great coordination skills. whereas in Rugby, some players need to be fast, others need to be big, they're nowhere near as fit as AFL players, and have significantly less coordination skills, especially forwards. Hence AFL players are better.

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Q: Why are AFL players better then NRL?
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What is better AFL or NRL?

AFL. more people watch, more people play, more money for playing, more skills, more fitness, more courage, more brains, more football.How is rugby better?Answer:Well, the live NRL game I saw looked much cleaner and in better behaviour...Otherwise, in general, I'd agree with your listLOL!NRL is of couse better, AFL is crap, all players are always on the news of rape such as that players from saints. NRL treats all their young guns fairly, and they care about rugby league clubs alot.

Are Soccer players know better then AFL players?

Yes, Soccer players are better known internationally than AFL players.

Who makes more money nrl or afl?


What is the average pay of a nrl an afl player?

Average pay NRL player = 150,000 Acerage pay AFL player = 250,000

Why Australian football league is better than soccer?

Anything is better than soccer AFL and NRL, you cant compare it to soccer.

Why was the AFL unsuitable?

AFL isn't unsuitable. There is anything wrong with it. It overtook the populairty of NRL.

How many afl championships do the raiders have?

the raiders don't have an afl team. the raiders are nrl

Success in afl?

AFL is Australia's most popular sport. The Sucess overtook NRL and Cricket.

Is Rugby League better than AFL?

NRL is better than aflwhy.. in afl u kick a ballRugby LeagueU kick u takle u try and much much moreA Rugby League

What sports were played in 1912?

rugby league (NRL), afl, lots

How much do NRL Rugby league players get paid?

Not much, compared to other sporting industries. Their average pay is like 150,000 and in AFL is like 250,000.

How many grand finals has the Auckland warriors won?

They play in the NRL - not the AFL. But they havent won any NRL premierships either.

When was AFL Players Association created?

AFL Players Association was created in 1974.

Who is more skilful soccer players or AFL players?

Soccer has clearly way more skillful players then AFL. Soccer is the most popular and the best game ever invented. To all the fans of AFL who think AFL is better than soccer just stick to the facts and you will find out which is better. For instance soccer is the most played sport and is also the most watched sport on the Earth.

What is the difference between Australia's rugby NRL and football AFL?

AFL is the best sport in the world apart from Soccor. Go The TIGERS

The least paid player in NRL?

Must be the players in the Toyta cup or the rookies in the NRL

How many people like AFL?

In Australia lot's of people from Victroica, SA and WA are strong in AFL, NRL are strong in Sydney and Queensland.

How many AFL players on the AFL field?

18 players on the field, plus 4 interchange players. 22 total.

How popular is afl?

Roughly the same as NRL... They're two of the most watched sports in Australia,

What is australias main sport?

mainly NRL (rugby League) and AFL (australian football league)

Does Australia have a sport of its own?

AFL (Australian Football League) NRL (National Rugby League)

Which sport has the most players?


Are nrl memrobilias worth the money?

nrl memrobillias are worth the money because they bring back memories of players

How much money do NRL football players make per game?

From $800,000 to $1.5 million among the top 10 players of the National Rugby League (NRL)

What NRL player about to move to AFL?

Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau have both joined the AFL. Hunt will play for the Gold Coast and Folau for Greater Western Sydney.