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The 'C' n the jersey of a football player signifies that the player is one of the Captains of the team

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Q: Why a letter C on jersey of Quarterback in NFL?
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Why do some NFL jerseys have the letter C on them and others don't?

Captains have the letter C on their jersey.

Why do the NFL qbs where that c?

That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.

What does the C logo on a NFL jersey stand for?

The C logo on a nfl jersey stands for Captain.

What does the stars mean beneath the letter c on the NFL jersey?

The "C" indicates the players Captain status. The Stars represent the years as captain.

What are the stars for in the C of an NFL jersey?


Why do some nfl players have a c on their jersey?

The C indicates a team captain.

What does the C stand for that on the back of an NFL jersey?

it means you are a captain

What does c stand for in NFL?

if you mean on the jersey it stands for "captain"

What is on Montreals jersey?

a letter c

What does the C patch on the jersey represent in the NFL?

Captain and there are always several captains each team in NFL games.

What does C represent on an NFL jersey?

"C" means captain.And still mean the division championship of last season .

Which word starts with c and stands for a hockey players jersey?

Captain's jersey - The letter C on a hockey player's jersey identifies the player as being the team Captain.

What does the C with four stars on an NFL jersey mean?

The "C" indicates the players Captain status. The Stars represent the years as captain.

What is the C on some football jerseys?

The C on their jersey's stands for captains. Each team elects their team captians before each NFL season.

NJ cities that start with letter c?

· Camden, New Jersey

Lake in new jersey that begins with the letter c?

Crater Lake

What does the letter C mean on tp of the player's jersey in hockey?


What do the rainbow colors on the c patch on an NFL jersey stand for?

The myriad of colors represent the NFL's "Crucial Catch" initiative to bring awareness to various types of cancer.

What is the letter C that the NFL players are wearing on their uniforms?

The C on the uniform is to show who the 3 team captains are.

Why the letter C on the USC Trojan jersey?

University of Southern California

What are the letter c and stars on NFL jerseys?

Its the symbol indicating a team captain

Why does Luongo not wear a C on his jersey?

C means captin on his jersey

Sports mascots that start with letter c?

chuck the duck nhl new jersey devils

What position is c in the NFL?

The letter "C" refers to the center. This is the offensive lineman which is the innermost. He is responsible for snapping the ball at the beginning of a play and then blocking.

Why does Peyton Manning have a c on his jersey?

The C on his jersey means he is one of the captains of the team.