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A Team is a specific number of persons forming one side in a game or contest. A group is any number of persons or things that may be brought together, but not necessarily all for the same purpose

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Q: Why a cricket team is said to be a 'Team' not a group?
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Does Nigeria have a cricket team?

No. Nigeria does not have a cricket team.

Who are the worst cricket team in the world?

Bangladesh Cricket team

Who Pakistan cricket team challenger?

India Cricket Team

What is a group of cricketers?

Crickets is an arthropod and the group is Insects

What is the name of the Indian cricket team?

Indian Cricket Team Team India Men In Blues INDIAN TIGERS

What is the name of the Bolivian Cricket team?

The Bolivia cricket team is named the Bolivia National Cricket team. Bolivia is a country that is located in South America.

Which sport had the highest paying team?

cricket. Indian cricket team

Who was the captain of the Bangladesh Cricket team in the 2007 Cricket World Cup?

Aminul isllam was the captain of the bangladeshi team in the ICC cricket world cup tournament the team did persist to the group stages only and after knocked out of the tournament, the captain was a batsman and a part time off spinner and the team was first time qualified for world cup

11 P in a C T?

11 people in a cricket team 11 people in a cricket team

Who was the captain of the Australian cricket team in 1912?

There was not an Australian cricket team in 1912

Which ICC cricket team is the worst?

Kenya is the worst team in ICC cricket

When was England cricket team created?

England cricket team was created in 1877.