Which sport had the highest paying team?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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cricket. Indian cricket team

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Q: Which sport had the highest paying team?
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Highest paying sport?


Why is baseball the highest paying sport?

its not

Highest paying sport in the world?


What sport pays more?

I think the highest paying sport would have to be golf.

What is the highest paying major league sport?

The highest paid major league sport is the NBA. After that would be the IPL.

Which is considered to be the highest paying sport of all time?


What sports get the hightest pay in the world?

baseball is the highest paying sport

What sport has the highest team salary?


What is the lowest paying major league sport?

highest is football and lowest is hockey

What is the highest paying sport in college?

im pretty sure you dont get paid if its college

What is the highest paying sport-?

Based on the yearly salary that athletes get paid by, baseball is the highest paying sport. If you mean by the amount of games played, than football.According to Forbes magazine the two highest paid athletes in 2004 were golfer Tiger Woods and race car driver Michael Schumacher. But the two highest paying sports were baseball and basketball.In other people's opinions:OK, now break it down. How many games do they play in baseball (way too many!) and in football (16 unless you make it to the playoffs). I would have to say football is the highest paying sport.BaseballOne only needs to look at Team Payrolls/Number of Players to realise that Basketball is the highest paying team sportI think that Texas hold em is the highest paying sport if we consider how much in prize money is awarded how often. Also I know no sporting prize bigger than 12 million which was won in the 2006 World Series (8 million in 2007). Consider interned tournaments and I think that poker would be bigger than Tennis and Golf.

What are some of the highest paying nonathletic sports jobs?

Some of the higher-paid non-athletic sports jobs are TV Broadcasters, sports doctors, trainers and coaches. How much these jobs pay depend on the sport, the team, the location and level of the sport with professional sports having some of the highest paid jobs.