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European sailors were afraid of sailing because they were afraid of falling off the edge. They thought that the world was flat.

Another reason was that they didn't have very good navigation.

The last reason I know is sea monsters. They believed that sea monsters actually lived.

They thought up weird things.

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Q: Why European sailors afraid sailing far?
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Why were Portuguese sailors so scared of sailing too far?

They were afraid of falling off the edge of the world. [In reality, they were afraid of getting lost by sailing beyond their star charts.]

Which European country led the way in sailing and sailing technology 10 points to the best answer?

Portugal, by far.

Why were sailors afraid to go far by sea?

They are afraid to go far by sea because they are scared that maybe the go somewhere they don't know(nowhere) and they are afraid of the weather(hurricane, storm etc.) and disease(scurvy).

Why were Portuguese sailors to scared of sailing to far south?

SHARKS at cape verde the southest point in Africa is the most populated place in the world with sharks

What are the three main points of sailing?

There are far, far more than three main points when sailing.

What kind of knowledge did sailors in 1300s have of the open ocean?

Did the waters of the sea reach. The boiling point if you sailed to far? As sailors asked these

How far can a sailing ship travel in a day?

It all depends on the wind.

How many sailing magazines are on the internet?

As far as i know.. its 148 or more.

What helped sailors know how far they are from the equator?

The sailers used the sun and stars to know how far from the equator they were. Hope this helped :)

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Where were sailing ships going to in respect to term posh?

Mainly to India and the Far East

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What was Prince Henry the navigator occupation?

Prince Henry, the Navigator built a school of navigation for sailors. The school taught all types of sailing related pursuits such as cartography, and use of the sextant as well as other equipment. Prince Henry hoped the knowledge would allow them to eventually reach the far east.

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Where can i find info on sailing ship KADIE?

I found nothing so far: What is its country of origin?

What explorer hoped to reach the far east by sailing west of Europe?

Chris Columbus in 1492

What European country has the biggest of bison left?

A country far far away from America

Why is it that the observers on board a sailing ship do not feel this tidal motion?

Depends on what you mean by 'tidal motion'. Tides create currents, and these are certainly felt by sailors, and must be carefully considered when navigating. As far as the up/down motion: this is not felt because it is so slow, but certainly can be observed if there is some reference point (like a nearby shoreline).

What does sailing large mean?

You may mean "By and Large" - meaning steering a course as far downwind as possible, keeping the sails full and the boat speed up. The answer above is completely wrong. One cannot sail both by and large at the same time since they mean opposite things. Sailing by the wind (i.e., sailing by) means sailing as close to the wind as possible. In other words, sailing into the wind. Sailing large means sailing before the wind. That is, sailing with the wind blowing from the aft quarter. So it is impossible to sail both by and large at the same time since that would require sailing in two opposite directions at once.

Is sailing the oldest American competitive sport?

This is a great question. Sailing is not the oldest American Sport. In fact, there are several "sports" or "competitive games" that Native Americans still regularly participate in today (e.g. Lacrosse) that are far older than competitive sailing. Early European sports imported by the first settlers would include fencing and target shooting as well as wrestling and boxing. However, the Americas Cup Trophy is the oldest Trophy in sailing (1851), and many resources claim that it could quite possibly be the oldest perpetual trophy in any sport to date. Competitive sailing is a sport with a long history in the Americas. With any luck, it will last for hundreds perhaps thousands of years to come.

Which moon did the sailors use to navigate at night?

Well, on MY planet, there is only one moon. Not sure about your planet. Here the sailors generally do not navigate by the moon- but they do use stars. In the north, sailors use the Pole Star, also called the North Star or Polaris. In the far south, you can't see Polaris, so sailors use other groups of stars, like the Southern Cross.

What was the significance of Magellan's experience?

he proved that sailing west from Europe was possible yet too far and dangerous to be practical.

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