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Q: Why A child rolls on the floor because he is a bowling ball?
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What kind of energy does a bowling ball have as it rolls toward the pins?


How do you play bowling on bin weevils?

you must get the golden ticket for to get into the celebrity partywhere theres a bowling ally you just jump on a pad then it rolls the ball

Why does a ball come to stop when it rolls across a floor?


What is 1 game of bowling means?

Basically, it means each player plays 10 frames, or rolls.

Norma releases a bowling ball from rest it rolls down a ramp with constant acceleration After half a second it has traveled 0.75m how far has it traveled after two seconds?

because top hat

What force causes a bowling ball to roll down the hill?

No. Speed and force cause a bowling ball to roll down a lane. Friction may cause a bowling ball to change course on a lane though, and also slow it down.

Does Renesmee become a werewolf in Breaking Dawn?

XD *Rolls on the floor in hysterics* NO Where the hell do you get that from? xD Sorry for being a cynic, but no, there's no possible way for the child of a mortal and a vampire to become a werewolf.

What kind of energy is there when a marble rolls across a flat floor?

air resistance and friction

A basketball rolls to a stop along a gym floor without anyone touching it why did this occur?

The ball rolled to a stop because the opposing force of friction stopped the ball. If the floor had been frictionless, it would have continued without stopping or even slowing.

Why are tootsie rolls brown?

tootsie rolls are brown because chocolate in the mix

Why are egg rolls called egg rolls if it don't have eggs in it?

This is because the egg rolls are dipped into egg so it is part egg. that`s why it is called Egg Rolls

How come packages of hot dogs are eight but rolls are in six?

That is allowance for you to drop 2 on the floor or in the grille.