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Q: Whose worse Tiger Woods or Santa?
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Is golfing better for Tiger Woods now or when he was younger?

Tiger Woods is actually getting worse at golf...He has a lot of stress right now and a family. He also has several injurys

Why does jetstar have the worst service?

No. Tiger Airways Australia is worse.

What would be worse for your health a bear attack or a tiger attack?


Whose fart smells worse an adult or child?

It all depends on what they ate.

Can the killer santa from silent night deadly night be worse than Michael Myers?


What are the release dates for Whose Curse Is Worse Red Sox and Cubs on Trial - 2004 TV?

Whose Curse Is Worse Red Sox and Cubs on Trial - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 17 September 2004

Is Santa's use of reindeer inhumane?

No. Santa is very good to his reindeer... they play games, after all. :) They aren't treated any worse than a riding horse, and often better.

Which is better mac os tiger or leopard?

Mac OS X 10.4 was called Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 was called Leopard. The 10.5 (Leopard) version is better than the 10.4 (Tiger) version. They would not have sold many copies of Leopard if it was worse than Tiger.

Does Sam die on General hospital?

No, just read a spoiler that said she is in the hospital and later in the week takes a turn for the worse. It also says Brenda is alive and runs into the woods.

Is it true or false a driver whose vehicle becomes involved in a skid should not attempt to regain control of their vehicle that will only make matters worse?

This is true.

What is tiger flu?

Tiger Flu is a nickname for a nasty combination of Strep Throat and Influenza A. Sometimes, if you get sick with something like the Flu, your immune system becomes vulnerable and you can quickly contract other things like strep throat. Tiger Flu is only a nickname for a combination of other illnesses. However, it is extremely painful and is described to be worse than the Flu itself.

What makes a man wicked?

the wicked man is one who ignores the need for God in his heart, and thus becomes an ungodly--or wicked--man...whose ways get progressively worse.

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