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Q: Whose worse Tiger Woods or Santa?
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Is golfing better for Tiger Woods now or when he was younger?

Tiger Woods is actually getting worse at golf...He has a lot of stress right now and a family. He also has several injurys

What would be worse for your health a bear attack or a tiger attack?


Why does jetstar have the worst service?

No. Tiger Airways Australia is worse.

What are the release dates for Whose Curse Is Worse Red Sox and Cubs on Trial - 2004 TV?

Whose Curse Is Worse Red Sox and Cubs on Trial - 2004 TV was released on: USA: 17 September 2004

Can the killer santa from silent night deadly night be worse than Michael Myers?


Whose fart smells worse an adult or child?

It all depends on what they ate.

Which is better mac os tiger or leopard?

Mac OS X 10.4 was called Tiger and Mac OS X 10.5 was called Leopard. The 10.5 (Leopard) version is better than the 10.4 (Tiger) version. They would not have sold many copies of Leopard if it was worse than Tiger.

Is Santa's use of reindeer inhumane?

No. Santa is very good to his reindeer... they play games, after all. :) They aren't treated any worse than a riding horse, and often better.

Does Sam die on General hospital?

No, just read a spoiler that said she is in the hospital and later in the week takes a turn for the worse. It also says Brenda is alive and runs into the woods.

How do you help a friend whose boyfriend spread rumors about her?

Just be supportive. Always try to cheer her up and don't yell at others for talking about it as that can make the situation worse

What is tiger flu?

Tiger Flu is a nickname for a nasty combination of Strep Throat and Influenza A. Sometimes, if you get sick with something like the Flu, your immune system becomes vulnerable and you can quickly contract other things like strep throat. Tiger Flu is only a nickname for a combination of other illnesses. However, it is extremely painful and is described to be worse than the Flu itself.

Is it true or false a driver whose vehicle becomes involved in a skid should not attempt to regain control of their vehicle that will only make matters worse?

This is true.

What makes a man wicked?

the wicked man is one who ignores the need for God in his heart, and thus becomes an ungodly--or wicked--man...whose ways get progressively worse.

How many people have impaired vision?

there are over forty million people worldwide whose vision is category 3 or worse, 80% of whom live in developing countries.

Can polar bears be pets?

Absolutely not!! They are like keeping a pet tiger in the home, or worse than that, animals that are not meant to be kept in a small confined space. They grow to be VERY large animals (much larger than a tiger!) and need a lot of food and space to roam. Polar bears belong in the wild, not in a house!!

Will Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 work on Windows 7?

It installed and played fine in Windows7 for me. The only issue was that the EA SPORTS LOGO and the quick video of the different golfers when starting the game doesn't play correctly. Both the EASPORTS Logo & the golfer video only play the audio without the video. Other than that it seems to work fine.TIP: If you are having worse problems with playing the game on Windows7 you might want to change the compatibility mode for the game ..............To RUN the game in Compatibility mode.........1. Right click the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004 desktop icon and select Properties.2. Click the Compatibility tab.3. Under Compatibility mode, check the Run this program in compatibility mode for: option.4. Select Windows XP with Service Pack 2 from the available options.5. Click Apply and then OK.For further information on Program compatibility, visit the below site.

What would be the best interpretation of a student whose score was in the 87th percentile?

It means 87 percent of students performed worse or below the score of that student and 13 percent did better than that student.

Comparative degree and superlative degree of bad?

worse, worst

Did shakespeare have awful handwriting?

We only have copies of his signature, and although signatures are usually awful, Shakespeare's are really awful. If they are any indication his writing was pretty awful but in fact there are many people whose writing is even worse. Sometimes it looks worse than it was because the handwriting style he used (secretary hand) isn't used any more.

Third gear band slipping on 2005 Hyundai santa fe is it safe to drive for few days until i can bring to dealer?

yesterday the band started slipping on transmission and it kept getting worse. I don't live near dealers maintenance department. is it safe to drive? it seems to be getting worse. the car jerks every time it goes into third gear.

What is the movie 'The Ruins' about?

A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle, where something evil lives among the ruins.

What is the remainder of the old saying Change your name but not your initials?

The phrase is "To change the name, but not the letter, is to marry for worse, and not for better." This originates from the superstition that it was unlucky for a woman to marry a man whose last name begins with the same letter as hers.

Does Santa really give coal to the bad children?

Not always. Coal is harder to find these days. Sometimes the bad children get presents so that they still know that they are loved and they don't get worse... but of course we should all try to be good.

What is worse?

Worse is a comparative verb. As in bad, worse, worst.

Is worse a verb?

Worse is not a verb. Worsen is the verb form of worse.