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The Brazilian Ronaldo holds the record with 15 goals , Gert Muller the German has 14 goals.

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Q: Whose player scored many goal in world cup championship?
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Is there a player who has scored in both a World Cup Final and a European Championship Final?

Yes it is Zinedine Zidane.

What team has played in the world cup championship game and never scored a goal?

In the 2010 world cup it was Honduras.

Who scored the winning goal for utd in the world club championship final in 2008?

Wayne Rooney scored the winner in a 1-0 win.

Who scored first 100 in t20 from India?

Suresh Raina is the only one Indian to have scored a century in ICC t20 world championship.

Which player scored highest score in cricket world cup 1992?

Martin Crowe is the player who scored highest score in cricket world cup in 1992.he scored 456 runs

Indian player who won chess world championship in 2002?

The last Indian Player to win the FIDE World Championship was Viswanathan Anand in 2000.

How many frames does a player need to win a semifinal in snooker world championship?

A player needs 17 frames to win a semi-final in the World Snooker Championship.

Which player has scored the most goals in the world cup?


The soccer player who has scored the most goals in the world?

it is Pele a legend of football he has scored 1280 goals

Who scored the first goal in world cup 1990 in Cameroon?

It was scored by the Cameroon player ,it was verses Argentina.

When Pakistan has won world snooker championship?

Pakistan has never won the world snooker championship and neither has any player from that country.

Has any player won European cup and the uefa cup and the world cup and the European championship?

djibril cisse Zidane won World cup and European Championship with France Champs league With Madrid scored winning goal and Uefa Cup Juventus also World player of the year 3 times and Serie A and Primera Ligue and Coppa Italia and more answer to many Questions Zidane

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